Angel graduation

 The local Guardian Angels held their graduation ceremonies today. It should get coverage on Channel 4, Channel 6, Channel 8,  Fox 18 news on TV,  and in the newspaper.  Around 15 graduated and awards were given to people who have helped the organization.   There were more public attending than alot of thought, and thanks to you for showing up. As I mentioned earlier my son and myself didn’t graduate, and I’m fine with that. We made a decision and were told it could cause us not to graduate. I do not regret my decision, and even though it cost us our graduating, I still stand by it. I believe everyone has a certain code of ethics and morals, with difinitive lines they won’t cross. I will continue to patrol with the Guardian Angels, just not as a graduate. We still believe in the group and the standard it has set for itself. Only time will tell if I myself will graduate, in the meantime Congratulations to all who did graduate. 

4 Responses to Angel graduation

  1. anonymous says:

    Cruiser: has anyone of credibilty emailed you about a stabbing at the skatepark last night? Or is this just a rumor that got started and there is nothing to it?

  2. cruisin2 says:

    All I’ve heard are a couple rumors. Since they don’t say what time it happened I haven’t been able to verify it.

  3. joe says:

    does the GA patrol in the area of the skatepark? since it is in the downtown area that is still awaiting the blessing of d1 to ‘beautify’ it I would hope that there would be a patrol down there so the skaters don’t clash with some real hardcore bangers.

  4. Bard says:


    Yes, the Angels do patrol the Skate Park. A major part of what the Guardian Angels do is being a positive role model for kids, and we cant do that if we don’t interact with them. We take the time to talk to anyone who will listen and let them know why we are out on the streets. It is a pity that we cant be everywhere all the time, but hopefully we will keep getting more members, and the more members we have, the more places we can be.


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