Malin was what?

 According to the nomination letter, Craig Malin had many firsts. In 2004, because of Malin, Davenport was the only city in Iowa to hold a successful Vison Iowa referendum. Malin singlehandedly saved Prairie Heights and got everyone loving it. Malin was responsible for RME, the Figge, and New Ventures. He also opened up the closed minded city government, and reduced crime by 12% with nearly 10% fewer city employees. He also made sure Davenport was the most efficiently managed city of its size in Iowa, gave us the lowest tax rate in the state, and did twice the normal improvements to infrastructures. The city council was so impressed by this, one of the first things they did after the election was offer him a new and improved contract. I would really be impressed, if any of that was true.

 The letter was supposedly drafted by by Malins assistant Robin with some help from Aderman-At-Large Howard. To read a copy of said nomination letter go here. I have to wonder if Alderman-At-Large Howard would help draft such a letter today.

 Fast foward to 2006. The city is set to lose grant money because nobody knows what the Riverboat is going to do. Prairie Heights is still prairie, the RME is floundering, the Figge is a dissapointment to some, and New Ventures fell off the radar. City govenment is more closed than ever, people in some areas of our city don’t feel safe,  we don’t have an effiently managed city, we don’t have the lowest tax rate, we have no infrastructure repairs, and his contract is coming due again. Add to this, his lawyer fees for a lawsuit, his closed door policy, and his wanting to give people who can protect his backside a diamond covered benefits package, and I don’t think he’d win the award this year. I think it’s time for this self-serving, egotistical, official to move on down the road.

What Davenport needs is a Redneck city government. When you’re done laughing, think about it. A redneck isn’t afraid to take a stand on an issue, they respect the law, know how to work hard, love and have and will fight for our Country, don’t trust wordy people and like to sleep on something said by same, usually have Bibles and guns in their homes, and are honest. Of course that would mean getting used to seeing the City Council dressed in blue jeans and ballcaps, but I’m willing to make the sacrafice for the good of our city. And if we throw in an intellectual or two, it could be interesting. That’s my take on it, your comments are welcome.

8 Responses to Malin was what?

  1. Peg says:

    Cruiser, Your Malin observations stirred something deep in my psyche. Didn’t Malin also invent the internet?

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I’ve heard the rumor he was Al Gores CA (competent assistant) on that project.

  3. Snarky Chick says:

    Wow – Cruiser I want the city administrator described in that report! Can we fire the current one and get him?

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I’m still doing research trying to find out what city he was talking about. Sounds to good to be true.

  5. Joe American says:

    Redneck politics…..sounds a lot like Walter Skrovonski. I heard from a little birdie that Walter has his 29 signatures for the 5th ward. Watch out Bill Lynn!

  6. Robin says:

    Skrovonski is a loud, ingnorant man who thinks he is the saviour of the City. He introduced himself last week as a 7th ward resident, and stumbled between two addresses when answering a question in regard to his address. If anyone thinks he could benefit the community start attending public meetings and listen. That is all that it would take. I am from the 5th ward and not a lynn supporter but I would certainly vote for Lynn if it came down to the two of them.

  7. Joe American says:

    Loud, maybe, but not ignorant. The guy just has a way of cutting away the fat and serving in your face. I like that. Walter is about Davenport and the people, he has not sold himself out to the QCRAPers like Lynn did. Walter is no different that Meyers, just a bit louder and aggressive. I think you need to talk to him one on one and then form an opinion.

  8. pioneer98 says:

    I have yet to see one single thing in this town that 100% of people can agree on is a success. ONE SINGLE THING. People even complain about the Bix. I don’t know how much credit Malin deserves for anything, but some people wouldn’t know success if it smacked them across the face.

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