Davenport Public Safety Watch map

 A few posts ago I mentioned how I thought the map in the QC Times was more of a joke than anything else. I did so for a couple of reasons. The crimes represented aren’t the crimes that are the biggest problem, and there was no mention of total calls. So I contacted the paper on my thoughts.

 Thank you to Mr. Tim D’Avis, Online Director, Quad-City Times for his response to my questions. I asked Mr. D’Avis why the map hasn’t appeared on the website. He replied that they are doing a complementary piece online that should be ready in a couple weeks. I then explained that if this year is like the past years the dispatchers field around 20,000 calls a year. Which would average out to 384.6 calls per week, of which the QC Times only listed 60. While this number could be high, I doubt it dropped that much in one year. Mr. D’Avis said he would pass my suggestion on to the newsroom. While I’m not holding my breath, I believe if the QC Times and Chief Bladel truely want to inform the public on this matter, the total number of calls for the week should be included. We are subscibers to the paper, and have been for many years, and as such feel we have a right to be heard. That’s my take on it, your comments are welcome.


3 Responses to Davenport Public Safety Watch map

  1. anonymous says:

    In the teaser for the 5pm news, KWQC is saying that Aaron Howard has been fired. Full story on the 5 p.m. news.

  2. cruiser says:

    Thanks for the nod. I just watched the news. Seems like this stuff pops up when I’m busy. I just wonder if it’s over yet. I don’t think Momma playing the race card is going to work this time.

  3. Tim D'Avis says:

    Well, it took longer than we thought but the map is up… http://www.qctimes.com/maps/crime. In regards to the EMS calls, I believe we post what we’re given. I’m not sure if it’s a different call number than what you’re quoting or not. We’ll add Bettendorf, Rock Island and Moline crime statistics as we can get them.

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