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What other avenues does a citizen have when nobody is listening? As I mentioned earlier this crime problem is neither local nor simple. There are a various reasons it has reached the level it has. Part of the problem is the legislature, the judiciary, the enforcement, and society. What can we do? While I don’t believe any one person has all the answers, I believe most people have some ideas. If we can pool those ideas, maybe a workable solution can be reached. The Legislature isn’t listening as they claim it’s a localized problem and we cannot afford more prisons. The Judiciary isn’t helping, they claim they can’t sentence the criminals because of the prison shortage. The police are doing thier job by arresting the criminals only to see them set loose by the Judges who claim the prisons are full. Local government passes the buck by saying the crime came from Chicago. And lastly people, we let it happen. Our society in general has been in a downward spiral, and we accept it. Everybody is so afraid of hurting someone elses feelings, or seeming unsympathetic, because we want to live in a safe community. We now have sex on local TV and drugs in our streets. Truant officers are obsolete. Morals are in the gutter, and manners are something us old farts fondly remember.

Well let’s work on it. If you are truely unhappy with the Police Chief, the City Council, the County Attorney, the Judges, or our Senators and Congressmen; let them know. In this modern cyberage, most have e-mails, all have phones. Contact them and politely state your case. Believe me, if they know enough of the people who put them in office are unhappy, they will listen. Below I have listed some links, or phone numbers to local officials, police, county attorney, and the 7th. Judicial District. I also included a link to the Police webpage that you can leave a comment on. I’ve been guilty of ranting and name calling myself, and this isn’t how to get things done. If we inform them of our problems and concerns clearly, without name calling or threats, I believe they will start listening. If you have an e-mail address I don’t, please include it with your comment so as many as possible can be reached. If they don’t act, we still have elections coming up. There will be more posts on how we could handle this crime problem to follow.

Mayor Winborn

City Hall

Police (Administrative Assistant)

Police (non-emergency)

Police (on-line questions, comments, and ideas form)
Police Comments Page

7th Judicial District Administrator
District 7

Howard Thomas
District Court Administrator
Scott County Courthouse
416 West 4th Street
Davenport, IA 52801
(563) 326-8783

Scott County
Attorney’s Office
Scott County Courthouse
400 W. 4th St.
Davenport, Iowa 52801-1104
Phone: (563) 326-8600

Ian Frink
Alderman at Large

Jamie L. Howard
Alderman at Large

Ron Van Fossen
First Ward Alderman

Shawn Hamerlinck
Second Ward Alderman

Keith Meyer
Third Ward Alderman

Raymond A. Ambrose
Fourth Ward Alderman
No email address available

Bill Lynn
Fifth Ward Alderman

Charles W. Brooke
Sixth Ward Alderman

Barney Barnhill
Seventh Ward Alderman

Brian Dumas
Eighth Ward Alderman


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