Morgan Quitno report

I have some figures from the new Morgan Quitno Press on Violent Crime in 2005.
These figures are crime rate per 100,000 population. The National Rate is 469.2 Violent Crimes per 100,000 Population. If you’re setting down, let’s begin.
Davenport, Ia. rank 30, rate 1,339.7
Cedar Rapids, Ia. rank 272, rate 339.9
Des Moines, Ia. rank 157, rate629.4

Just a couple more cities that others used as examples of worse crimes-

Phoenix, Az. rank 123, rate 729.1
Houston, Tx. rank 46, rate 1,172.5

My facts come from Morgan Quitno. This is a PDF file and may take a while to load. While we didn’t top the list, I dissapointed that we cam in behind all the cities listed.

I felt I had to add that this is from a 2 page sample of their report, I’m not paying $50 plus shipping for something that tells me what I already know. We have a crime problem.

4 Responses to Morgan Quitno report

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see you are going to persist in trying to prove me “all wet”. Just looking at the numbers you provide, common sense should prevail. By failing to include adjacent populations that add considerably to the crime rate, you use figures that are simply not relaible for comparison. Having lived in Houston and Phoenix I can tell you this measure is so far from reality it is laughable.

    Again, I agree that we need to address the crime issues that Davenport has, I have never disputed that. But to say we are a six-times more dangerous place to live then Cedar Rapids and more dangerous than Houston is simply ludicrous.

    Happy Halloween.

  2. cruiser says:

    I didn’t say we have six-times more crime, the report does. These figures are on the same FBI site I went to for an earlier post. The numbers say we’re worse, and no I personally don’t believe Davenport is more dangerous than Houston. As for figures for surrounding areas, you make a point. But since the other figures don’t take into account surrounding areas, I feel it would be bias to do so here. I also noticed that Illinois had no figures on this list which should also affect the ratings. I’m saying we have a problem, let’s fix it.

  3. Snarky Chick says:

    Anon – you haven’t taken a statistics course, have you?

    A clearer picture of our area would include the entire QC, with crime and population included, but Davenport is the only city who submits the statistics to the FBI.

    Even if we could analyze the data with all the cities included it’s important to examine DPort alone.

    So to find the answers to our problems we have to be willing to open our eyes and say we have a problem – a big problem. It might offend some egos but it’s necessary for us to find solutions.

  4. cruiser says:

    You make a good point Snarky. All the stats on this website are for cities, not counties or groupings. If they had a listing under Quad Cities I would have shown it. Otherwise, my post today adds just population and it’s still not a great set of figures.

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