City Council woes

An article in today’s QC Times states that 67% of people polled by Davenport One are dissatified with the current City Council. For the article go to the story.

According to this article I wasn’t too far off on some of my statements. Dan Huber and members of the council are quoted when asked why this happened. I don’t think any of them hit the nail on the head. While the skybridge, Davenport One, and other things are mentioned, I think it boils down to something simpler. If you behave like a leader, people will follow. If you show respect, you will get respect.

5 Responses to City Council woes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good point Cruiser!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get why people bring up the Skybridge in discussions like this. The bridge was part of River Ren. and voted for by the majority of citizens. It’s built….get over it.

  3. cruiser says:

    The skybridge was mentioned because it was mentioned in the poll. I’m not impressed by it but like you say it’s built.

  4. QuadCityImages says:

    Yeah… I do respect the opinion of the people who have different priorities for Davenport, but the whole bridge to nowhere thing kind of sounds like a broken record at this point. If there’s anything more wasteful than a $9 million skywalk, its building one and then tearing it down a few years later.

  5. cruiser says:

    QCI that’s exactly what I was getting at.

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