Car show politics

The politics of a few in the old car hobby are affecting many again. Seems a big local car club is boycotting certain shows that come to our area. I’m against this practice for many reasons. We’re too small of a group to have infighting like this. For years we hot rodders were the bain of the restorers. Custom owners are another group that tends to distance itself from certain venues. If a show doesn’t award trophies I can’t see a downside. The trophy hounds don’t have to worry about not winning, and the true car guys could care less. We even have our share of snobs who feel because they put so much money into their cars they’re better than us. Here’s a news flash, we were charter members of NSRA, we were there at the first Nationals. We drive and enjoy what we build. Anyone can buy an old car, a real car guy builds his.

If as a group we can’t agree to disagree, our future is doomed. Teenagers today are hard pressed to get the title to any old car. Interest by young people is lessening because of the price of admission into the hobby. When you tell a kid that it’ll cost him $30,000 minimum to into a nice ride you almost always price it out of their range. If you show him how to buy a roller for $500 and invest a lot of sweat equity, you have a car guy for life. So if these boycotts continue, myself and several of my friends who attend your events will do the same. It won’t hurt your bottom line but it will scream volumes about your elitist attitude.


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