The voodoo that they do

April 10, 2014


We keep hearing how our government must step up to
help those that they feel need it. This is not a new
concept, but it seems to have really taken off

Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act on August
14, 1935. It is funded through payroll taxes and was
basically an old age, survivors, and disability
insurance program.

Medicaid was created in the Social Security
Amendments of 1965 which added Title XIX to the
Social Security Act to provide medical coverage for
low income families. Medicare was created in the
same act to provide insurance to people 65 and

The current version has been amended to include
various social welfare and social insurance programs.
And in 2013 expenditures were $1.3 trillion.

What started as a 2% tax in 1935 has risen to a
12.4% tax in 2013. Yet we are being told that for
the privilege of paying that, it is now considered
an entitlement.

In 1964 Johnson declared a war of poverty and Nixon
declared a war on drugs in June of 1971. Now, in
case you haven’t noticed, we still have drugs and
poverty in our country.

We always thought you went to war to win. And a
clear sign of winning these wars would be less drugs
and sharply reduced poverty. If it is apparent we are
losing these wars, shouldn’t we retreat or surrender?

So why, if we already have all these programs to
insure the citizens, do we really need something
like Obamcare too?
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Obamacare rant

April 2, 2014


We haven’t ranted for a while and feel like now is
the time. Our country is seeing a perfect storm of
lying politicians, mystical accounting practices, and
the press helping to cover it all up.

Remember the lies? Under the Affordable Care Act you
will save $2,500 a year on your premiums. If you like
your insurance company, you can keep it. If you like
you doctor you can keep him/her.

The math doesn’t add up either. We are constantly
bombarded with claims that over 7 million have signed
on to Obamacare. Yet nobody knows how many of those
have actually paid a dime into the plan.

Nor does anyone act too concerned that the sign-up
deadline has come and gone with few paying customers
stepping up. How long can it be before subsidies go
out to the insurance companies to cover their loses?

What we have is a law that cost 5 million American
workers their insurance so that 7 million could sign
up. Of that 7 million we heard 5 million would be
eligible for Medicaid or big subsidies.

So even though the taxes to pay for this bill began
4 years before sign-up started it sure looks like
this is going to be a money pit.

Our mayor even had a presentation from a Healthcare
navigator during a city council meeting. He also
opined that Obamacare is so much better than the way
things were when insurance rates went up every year
due to those who didn’t have insurance.

We don’t buy the bull he’s shipping either and we
don’t drink the Kool-Aid. We have to stop the
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Weird project gene

April 2, 2014

We recently heard of 1959 Lloyd for sale reasonable
and thought it might make a good project since most
of the parts needed are sitting around here anyway.

First came the problem of finding out if it was an
Alexander TS, or an LT model.


The 1959 Alexander is pictured on top and the LT 500
is on the bottom. We were hoping it was the LT and we
will explain why after a brief bit of history.

First thing of note is that this make isn’t English.
German Carl Borgward is said to be the father of the
Lloyd. Borgward started in 1924 with the Blitzkarren
(lightning cart), which was a three wheeler with a
2.2 horsepower engine.

Sometime after WW II Borgward wanted to build a
smaller vehicle and the Lloyd was born. The first
Lloyd was an LP 300 in 1950 and due to the steel
shortage in post-war Germany the body was plywood and
covered in vinyl. Almost like a vinyl top over the
whole car.

The numerical part of the model name is the size of
the engine in the vehicle. 300cc, 400cc, 500cc, or

With that behind us it is time to explain why I had
hoped it was an LT. I just thought it would be a neat
little mini-van if I dropped in a V-8.

The one for sale is a rusty relic so I would have no
problem chopping the top, dropping in a healthy V-8,
throwing on some mags and tires, and giving it a wild
paint job. Bet it would be the only one like it at a
car show.
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Almost wrecked my day

March 30, 2014


When I woke up this morning and put on my glasses
a screw let loose and one lens popped out. Still
half asleep I thought, not a problem.

Finding the lens was easy, I’m still looking in
the multicolored berber carpet for the screw that
held things together.

Determined not to let the lack of glasses ruin my
day I found an old pair of bifocals and a few
pair of reading glasses.

Thinking if I could take a screw out of a pair of old
reading glasses, put them in my other glasses, that
I would no longer be legally blind.

I could never figure out why something that is so
easy to remove proves impossible to reuse. My fingers
aren’t made for such delicate work.

After losing 3 more screws and driving the wife
crazy trying to put the last one into my glasses, she
grabbed everything and quickly declared that the only
screw I saved was too small to work.

It was then decided a trip to Wally World for an
eyeglass repair kit was in order so I could read the
Sunday papers.

We got back home and when I opened the eyeglass
repair kit, you guessed it, I dropped all the screws
from the kit on the kitchen floor.

So I grabbed a handy flashlight to search for the
missing screws, hit the button, and the batteries
were dead in the flashlight.

When I retrieved my back-up flashlight, which did
work, the screws were rounded up in no time. Soon
after that I had my glasses repaired and was happily
reading the papers.

I was doing great until reaching the section that
involved politics at which time the wife told me to
quit yelling at the paper. I had to get one more barb
in so I pointed and yelled “I’m no Protologist but I
know an asshole when I see one”!

And that’s how I almost wrecked the day.
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Big guns and wet racecars

March 17, 2014

Even though we’re in a good mood
today, we have a couple of items we
would like to express our opinion

Guess he meant well. But if a
local Police Department IS using
the 40 mm Glock as their weapon of
choice, they won’t get any problems
from us.

Since 25.4 mm equals 1 inch, a 40
mm sidearm would have to be a tad
on the bulky side. A 40 caliber
would be big enough.

We’re sure the reporter must
have been caught up in the moment.



And if you watched the NASCAR race
in Bristol yesterday you know what a
rain delay marathon that turned
into. If said delays are 3 to 4
times longer than the race why don’t
they just reschedule?

This is the second race of the year
with a long delay and frankly, we’re
getting just about fed up with the
videos of past races, wrecks, or
drivers dust-ups.

In case you’re wondering what was
the cause of the final caution in
the race when most thought it was
over, go here.

And now that we have that off our
chest its time for a cup of coffee.

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From powerless to volcanoes

March 11, 2014

We here at Casa Cruiser were among the 2,416
without power for a few hours yesterday. It
was the warmest day of the year so far with
temperatures in the 50s so you know where we
were when it happened.


Yup, I was online looking at car pictures
while the wife was watching our new HDTV. I
did get outside after we lost power cruising
around to see how bad it was.

When I saw the stoplight out at Locust and
Iowa streets it was enough to get me cruising
toward home. According to a later newscast,
the power was off for an hour but it seemed
longer to us.


And of course when the power
came back on the computer needed an attitude
adjustment and some clocks had to be reset.
The fun part though was when the siren on the
burglar alarm went off.

Human nature dictates that whenever an area
loses power, regardless of the hour of the
day or the season of the year, people must
migrate to the front of their property and
look up and down the street.

I have never figured out what they’re all
looking for, perhaps they get lost when all
the electronic gadgets in their home quit
working at once. It is almost like people
can’t think anymore.

Once everything was back up and running an
email from a friend caught my eye. This one
was about a volcano in Hawaii and the
collapse of its crater floor.

And that made me think of global warming.

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Magic numbers

March 6, 2014


If you live in our fair city and received a
sewer bill you probably noticed the increase
in what you pay.

The increase came in around 13% for the
first year, then another 13% the following
year, followed by a 5% increase the third

While those numbers are technically true we
wondered what the actual amount of this
increase would be. We are not mathematicians
so our numbers could be wrong, but here is
what we came up with.

The first year is 13%. However, the second
year is 13% of 113% or closer to 14.5%. The
third year is then 5% of roughly 127.5% or
around 6.3%.

This means the second and third increases do
not equal 18% but closer to 21%. May not seem
like much to some but we don’t throw our
money around.

Occasionally we will get a few dollars out
of the bank on payday so we will remember what
they look like as due to the cost of living
and higher taxes we don’t get to see cash
very often.

Then came the news that the city reimbursed
residents who had sewers back up in their
houses around $170,000 which adds $2 to
everyone’s sewer bill.

The city admitted the aging sewers caused
the problem, said they weren’t going to fix
problem, and now charge us $2 on every
sewer bill we receive.

Said $2 is supposedly included the mentioned
increases but it still has us wondering when
are the tax hikes going to ease up.
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We’re all crazy

February 26, 2014

One line of song by Waylon Jennings is
“I’ve always been crazy but it’s kept me
from going insane”.

With our current societal climate we have
to wonder if everybody isn’t crazy. Bear
with us and we’ll explain.

Recently the government bailed out the
automakers, lowered social security benefits,
decimated Medicare, played gun runner to
Mexican drug dealers, spied on all of us,
and ignored our Constitution.

Congress has had investigations with no
results, our National debt is the highest
it has ever been, and a state filed for

God can’t be in our schools but sex ed
and free condoms can.


We are told not working and being on welfare
are good for our economy while most jobs that
are available pay minimum wage.

We are bombarded with propaganda about the
“greedy corporations” from people who are
themselves millionaires. And few see the


Global warming is now the cause of our
frigid winter, illegal aliens may soon become
magically legal, and anyone who disagrees is
a racist, anti-gay, a flat-earther, or worse.

Our country isn’t broken, our government is.
Yet we citizens keep electing the same inept
people who brought us all these problems in
the first place. Or are we missing something?
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Local people

February 16, 2014


Sometimes the local people get pushed to the
sidelines because of all the nonsense that goes
on in our country and the world. The TV news
gets so busy pushing the propaganda they don’t
see the forest for the trees.

Here is an update of two local people who we
respect and felt deserved an update.

While perusing the newspapers this morning we
got a pleasant surprise. The Dispatch/Argus had
a nice article about Keith Meyer.

Although Keith states he feels he didn’t
change our river town, we beg to differ. He got
people interested in and involved with local
politics. We also know he personally helped to
keep our city clean.

But we all reach a point when we realize that
we have done all we can do and the time has
come to step back and take a break.

On a selfish note, we hope he finishes his
book so we can read it.

And for those who haven’t heard, Jim Fisher
will host his show this Tuesday and Thursday
in a test run of his stamina after his
surgery. If all goes well, the next week
will be back full-time.

We always look forward to watching his smiling
face on the radio. We tune in and see him
verbally joust with some callers and
commiserate with others.

You can watch Jim Fisher on the radio at
WOC AM 1420.

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One of those days

February 13, 2014


We wish all a Happy Valentine’s Day and will
tell the tale of how things went for us. The
wife had to stop by her employer’s office and
after we decided to visit a big box store that
stood across the street.

I’m putting the cart before the horse because
this actually was part of plan B. Plan A was
to get a nice necklace that looked like
something she might like.

So I waited patiently in line while eyeing
said necklace and holding my breath that nobody
else was interested in it. When my turn came up
I saw the necklace sparkling right on top.

As it happens I didn’t get the jewelry anyway
because just as I thought I had it the claw
dropped and caught a plastic Sponge Bob
Squarepants wrist watch instead!

So when we arrived at the big box store I saw
my salvation at hand. I almost paid attention
to what the wife was looking at in hopes of
getting an idea what to buy her.

I say almost because I got sidetracked by a
one pound Snicker’s bar. I gazed gleefully
upon the heavenly snack until I received an
elbow in the ribs and the look.

Try explaining how a gigantic candy bar can
make you happier than a tornado in a trailer
park to someone who doesn’t get it.

So after being distracted by the poke and the
look I again followed her and the cart around
the store. Then I hit pay dirt!

She said she needed new pajamas so I told her
to pick what she wanted and I’d buy them her
Valentine’s gift. So while I didn’t get the
necklace, she did get a gift.

I’m no expert in this field but aren’t pj’s
a better Valentine’s gift than my usual wiper
blades? Perhaps there is hope.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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