The circus continues

July 24, 2014


After reading an article in our local paper we
feel compelled to address a few of the issues that
were mentioned.

It would seem that Alderman Boom believes the
owner of the owner of the team that calls our local
stadium home is out to take over LeClaire park. We
honestly don’t see how that merits print space.

Alderman Boom stated in the article that the team
owner wanted to expand the children’s play area
into LeClaire park, had put a set of stairs on the
park side of the ferris wheel, and was turning
the riverfront in to a carnival.

Our Mayor may believe that Alderman was at the
meeting as he continually referred to Alderman Edmond
as Alderman Boom, even after being corrected by
Alderman Edmond. But we did not see Alderman Boom
in attendance.

At said meeting Dave Heller was adamant that no
stairs, entrance, exit, or egress be built on the
park side of the ferris wheel. He wanted to allow
access only through the stadium.

Had Alderman Boom attended the meeting he would
have known Mr. Heller also talked of installing a
midway between left field and the ferris wheel
complete with games of chance.

To us, a 110 foot tall ferris wheel with thousands
of colored LED lights seemed like a carnival at
the time. And unless we are mistaken, isn’t the
children’s play area on the right field side
of the stadium?

That would mean if anything was added there it
would cut into the sidewalk on the Centennial Park
side. The ferris wheel is up and running so why
beat a dead horse?
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That’s strange

July 22, 2014


I woke up this morning in the Twilight Zone. There
were the usually sound effects as I got up and it
seemed normal until I started reading our local

When I got to the Opinion page the theme music
was pretty loud as I read the editorial. It
mentioned Alderman Bill Edmond and others who were
on Meet the Press this past Sunday.

Being under the impression that I had watched the
entire episode of Meet the Press and not seen the
segment confused me. Did some people in the same
areas get different versions of the same program?

Or was it a conspiracy as some consider me a
radical when I disagree with their beliefs? That’s
when the music stopped.

Turns out I had watched Face the Nation and not
Meet the Press! So I am no longer confused, and
want to tell Alderman Edmond to keep up the good

If you wish to see the segment about our little
problem you can watch the video by going

I will not apologize for growing older and I
won’t try to pin this one on the wife. Nuff said.
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A tale with two cities

July 21, 2014

We wonder what some politicians are eating, and/or
drinking. It just seems like they think different
from the regular folk. Even here in Iowa.


When the news broke that Davenport city leaders
were going to start a city news bureau to create a
positive buzz, manage messages on potential
controversies, and change the culture we just knew
said leaders didn’t want the dignified members to
appear otherwise.

We know some city leaders don’t like those of us
who disagree with them, but we believe this idea
as pointless as the fiasco over a certain local
men’s club. The city already spends over $200,000 a
year for an extensive web presence and now wants to
add almost another $130,000 for damage control?

Some who work for the city are using the old “it’s
never been done before” routine and we agree with
the QC Times on this one.
There’s a reason why it hasn’t done before.

Then, opening email this morning, I noticed a
newsletter from the Iowa Gun Owners (IGO) titled
“Burlington, Ia City Council Out of Control”. I
thought it would contain something about the city
council there passing a gun control bill.

And in a way, it is. Toy guns! The city council
has had a ‘first reading’ of a proposed town
ordinance that would make it a criminal offense to
let your children or grandchildren play with toy
guns and BB guns in certain settings without
obtaining WRITTEN permission from the city council

This ordinance would even ban children with
playing with toy guns in your car. What? I have to
write a letter to the city council to let my child
play with a toy gun in my car? Yup. And it gets

If you are convicted of this “crime” it could cost
you a $500 fine and 30 days in jail! The Police
Chief is pushing the ordinance, with Mayoral
support, because he is afraid that someone might
mistake a child with a toy gun for a criminal and
may result in the child being shot by an officer.

What? How many 3 foot tall criminals are running
around down there with pink plastic guns? No
open carry for toy guns?

If my grandpa was still alive he’d say they’ve
all gone crazy.
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Ups and downs

July 19, 2014

I was sitting on the pity pot earlier as I thought
of how our country used to be. You know, without a
corrupt federal government, high cost of living,
and people demanding their rights while not taking
any responsibility.

But then I saw a couple different stories on the
information highway. The first was about veterans
in Delaware who turned their backs as the president
was chauffeured by.

All veterans know we’re just a billet number while
in the service and not allowed to express a dislike
of the government, but once discharged are again
citizens who can peacefully display our contempt
in public.

And the other story was from Florida about the
father who came home to find a dirt bag molesting
his 11 year old son. The father beat the man until
he was unconscious.

The father called the police, said what he’d done,
and the worse for wear molester went to the
hospital and then to jail. He did not pass go and
did not collect $200, he did however confess to
what he did. The father isn’t facing any charges
for his deed nor are any expected to filed later.

These made me realize that we don’t have a bad
country, just bad career politicians.
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Holy smokes!

July 17, 2014


Our Mayor, who will gladly proclaim as often as
possible, his more dignified city government, has
again angered the masses. He did this while
trying to spank us verbally by calling we residents
ignorant about the illegal alien children he wants
to bring here.

It has now been leaked that some of these illegals
are costing the government up to $1,000 a day, the
Obama administration has awarded a $50 million
contract to buy and remodel a Texas hotel and turn
it into a 600 bed facility to house illegal aliens,
and the biggest group of the “children” are males
age 14-17 from El Salvador.

Then we hear that these children are fleeing a
war torn country and are seeking asylum. This also
turns out to be a lie because they have heard they
will get amnesty, and it has now been leaked that
95% of them will. It will not be temporary.

It is tiring to hear liberals calling these people
“undocumented immigrants” and some say that they
aren’t “illegals” as that refers only to their
legal status. In our book, if they sneak across the
border without proper documentation they are

A poll here done by a local TV station shows that
80% of the residents don’t want these children
brought here. And it strengthens the Mayor’s

When all else fails, they call us haters. We don’t
hate these people, we disagree with the current
administrations’ policy. We cannot afford this
invasion of our southern border or locally from
our Mayor.
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Let’s stop the non-sense

July 16, 2014

We have a hard time conceptualizing how anyone
could still believe our current administration is
doing a good job. These same people ask what would
fix our problems and then argue none of the said
fixes would work. We call them askholes.


We have those who scream for more gun control as
they don’t want any more dead children while
claiming abortion on demand is a choice.



Then there’s the global warming bunch who have
since changed their moniker to climate change. If you
listen to them we should know what hell feels like
by now.

The ice caps are melting and Polar bears are gone.
Perhaps they could explain this picture of the
U.S.S. Honolulu, taken on July 9, 2014, clearly
showing ice and bears when the sub surfaced 280
miles from the Arctic Circle.


Does anyone really wonder why Obama doesn’t
mention his accomplishments as president? Set aside
all the scandals and he is still a terrible


Our country is torn apart by different opinions
on non-issues, going down the toilet with debt,
and a laughing stock when it comes to foreign
affairs. We are being openly invaded along our
southern border as we watch our military shrink to
third world numbers.

We have to stop the non-sense.
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The new improved circus

July 14, 2014


It seems that those of us who don’t have a
politically correct mindset will get our opinions
changed a little later today.

Mayor Gluba has said that at his meeting this very
afternoon he would explain why the importation of
200+ illegal immigrant children will not cost us
Davenport taxpayers one dime.

He did not mention how doing so would make them
legal, or be of any real benefit to our city. Here
we thought our country had an immigration law in
effect to ensure that those from other countries
who wish to relocate here would learn English,
know of our history and political system, and be
faithful to our flag.

He also mentioned that all monies received from
the federal government would go to those who have
agreed to help. And therein lies the problem. The
government will pay $252 per child per day. For
200 that equals $50,400 per day or $1,512,000 a

Since our government is broke, the cupboard is
bare and the dog has no bone, the money will have
to either be borrowed, added to the debt, or be
placed on the back of ALL taxpayers.

This issue is one that makes it easy for some to
mention compassion and or their Bible. But this is
not an issue of religion but of law. They are
criminals, who happen to be children.

We read that nationwide 3 out of 5 Americans are
against this blatant push for amnesty regardless
of what the PC crowd deem it. Send them back,
secure the border, then try to change to law if you
think it necessary.
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Here’s the deal…

July 9, 2014


With the recent influx of illegal alien children at
our southern border we are told by some that we have
to help. It is all about the children.

And we are certain that those who offer to help
honestly believe that, and yet we wonder. Today we
take a look at the conditions for all children in
America to see if the rhetoric holds true.

The real reason these children are leaving their
homes and coming here is not the violence, it is the
widespread rumor of amnesty. Walk across the border
and be welcomed with open arms into the land of

So let’s take a look at how our own children are
doing here. Did you know it is estimated that as
many as 16 million children in our country don’t
get enough to eat? Then you also probably didn’t
know that the reason for that is poverty.

Or have you seen our child mortality rate? The
latest we could find was 2010. Then you also
didn’t know the leading cause of death by
unintentional injury was not guns, but cars!

The figures are from the CDC and not our
imagination. Then we have the FBI estimating that
more than 100,000 of our children are being exploited
in the sex trade, and the average age it starts is

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
has numbers on their site that are sobering. It’s
enough to make a grown man cry.

So our question to those who wish to bring the poor
illegal alien children to our city has to be “What
about the children we already have here?”

For information on the FBI Innocence Lost initiative
go here.
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Sanctuary city?

July 8, 2014


We just heard that Mayor Gluba wants our city to be
one of the first communities in the country to help
the illegal alien children who made it across the
border without their parents.

We do not need, nor do some of us want, these kids
in our city. We don’t believe Davenport is a sanctuary
city and we should keep it that way. If the Mayor
wants to ease their suffering, leave them be.

Our country can’t even give medical aid to veterans
who have served honorably and now need help. Our city
can’t even keep the potholes repaired or the sewers
from collapsing.

We’ve heard the government will pay a per diem for
each child, but will there be enough to cover the
real cost? Things like interpreters, health care,
schools, lodging, food, and transportation?

Our Mayor is even saying it is temporary until the
government solves the problem of getting them back
to their native lands. And how long will that take?

Quit insulting everyone who became a citizen legally
with all this non-sense. Stop them before they cross
the border, send them back when they do cross, and
stop spreading them all over the country.
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It gets old

July 5, 2014


We will not apologize for attending our church,
flying our flag, having our guns, or our family. If
said things offend you we probably don’t know you

We are also tired of seeing the protest that involve
burning our flag and signs proclaiming how much you
hate America and it’s citizens. If we bother you that
much, why don’t you look for another country?

And we will not waver in our patriotism nor listen
to the bull you are shipping. Less is not more and
up is not down. We do not and will not agree on

Not agreeing with everything does not make us racist,
sexist, filled with hate, or unpatriotic. It simply
means we have a different set of beliefs. And we will
not be told to change.

We will continue to stand and face the flag while
the National Anthem is played, we will keep our
religion and family, and will continue to clean our
weapons and buy ammunition. The reason is quite

We don’t need your, or the governments’ permission
to protect our families and ourselves from harm. We
consider that a God-given right. If you don’t want
to see my gun, don’t break into my house.

If you don’t like our religion, don’t attend our
church. We should start acting like Americans, quit
whining, and work together to get our country back.
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