Tell me about the good old days

October 14, 2014


There are those among us who make the claim we are
better off now then we were in our past. But they
make no sense. They claim racism was worse back in
the day and in the next breath call us racist now
if we don’t agree.

These same people claim our economy is better now
than 10 years ago. But 10 years ago gas was around
$1.60 a gallon, groceries were a lot cheaper and
we paid less in taxes.

We know we are worse off now than we were 10, 20,
30, or even more years and we’ll tell you why. If
you go to baseball, football, basketball, or a
soccer match that plays the National Anthem just
look around.

You’ll see couples chatting, cell phones out,
people not facing the flag and even people not
standing up. This is something that never used to
used to happen.

Freedom isn’t free and with rights come
responsibilities. Because of these every American
regardless of race, creed, religion, political
party, or financial standing should at least face
our flag during the National Anthem.

If you don’t respect the flag or our Anthem you
don’t deserve to be here. Then we have people
at military funerals who think it fine to talk
during the flag folding ceremony. It is not.

The ceremony is real active duty military showing
respect for a fallen veteran. And the flag folding
is not pomp and circumstance. Some of us feel very
strongly about the ceremony. We will try to
educate you so if you attend another military
funeral at least you know the significance.


We need to get common sense, courtesy, and respect
back in our society before it is too late. We need
to go back to an us nation instead of a me nation.
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What we really need

October 14, 2014

We’ve been thinking about the current state of our
Union and believe we may have found a solution to
the problem. It seems the old saying “if you can’t
dazzle them brilliance baffle them with b.s. has
been shortened.


Yes, politicians continue to baffle us with their
b.s., but not in the way they think. They believe
they are pulling the wool over our eyes while we
know it is their audacity to even utter such

Instead of their manufactured crisis of the week
we need a new group to rally around. After much
thought we think the answer would be a new, and
separate, branch of government.

We could call it the DBS and it should have power
over all branches of our government including the
Executive branch. Thus we would create the
Department of Bull Shippers.

Meetings would be mandatory for all politicians,
department heads, and judges. Said meetings would
center on how to get them to tell the truth. These
meetings should be televised and anyone caught
lying during a meeting would be publicly paddled
with canoe oar.

Meetings could be run by Catholic Nuns with
wooden rulers to discourage the little white lies.
Rules would be strictly enforced by said Nuns with
zero tolerance. Coffee and juice could be had for
a small fee to cover expenses.

Think about it. After the meetings had been held
for a while the very landscape of our government
would change. We could possibly see real morals and
ethics make their way back into government.

It would change campaigns, the way the government
operates, and how far down the chain of command the
buck gets passed. Oh happy days!
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It’s lying time again…

October 10, 2014


Things are heating up, the election is getting
closer every day, and the candidates are practicing
lying with a straight face.

Here in Iowa our recycle bins overflow with the
mailers, our phones constantly ring with the
robo-calls, and the debates are about to begin in

Mailers and robo-calls usually hone in on one
subject. Candidate A will say ‘my opponent wants
to privatize social security’. They don’t mention
there is no money in the fund, or their answer as
to how to fix it, only what their oppenent would

Another one is ‘my opponent wants to take health
care away from your grandmother’. What they don’t
say is that because of their vote for the
Affordable Care Act, and the subsequent raiding of
hundreds of billions of dollars from the fund, our
grandma could lose in home care coverage now.

Minimum wage is another issue they have opinions
on. ‘I’m’ all for increasing the federal minimum
wage and my oppenent is opposed to that.’ New flash!
Some of us already know there are people out there
who aren’t worth $5 and hour and certainly not $10
or $15.

And abortion is on the list. ‘my opponent opposes
abortion for any reason and even wants to fine the
doctor’s who perform them’. Of course the speaker
favors “choice”.

Finally, we have no idea why, bipartisanship
is popular. Candidate A will say ‘I’m more than
willing to talk to and work with anyone who will
help things run smoothly regardless of party’. The
same candidate voted along party lines over 90% of
the time and fails to mention this.

So far we have heard nothing about our borders,
stopping amnesty for illegal aliens, our troubles
overseas, healthcare reform, keeping Eboloa out,
or lowering the debt ceiling.

They must be too busy for those kind of things.
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Sorry state

September 25, 2014


When did we become a caricature of what we once
were? At some point our country went from a place
where citizens had a ‘can do’ attitude to a place
I don’t recognize where people say ‘who’s going to
help me’?

We used to be united as a people yet now we are
deeply divided. The race card is predominant in
this division but just as problematic is the ‘I
am offended’ card and the trashing of religious
and gun rights.

While perusing headlines today we ran across one
that illustrates our point. It read “HS football
coach fired for not stopping players’ prayers?”

Catalina Foothills High School officials claim
they allow voluntary prayer when it is lead by
students, but district administrators claim said
coach crossed the line by promoting student

So because coach Gary Weiss didn’t stop the
praying he has been fired and banished from school
property. What? At a time when the citizens of our
country need God the most we push him away?

Have these people even read the Bill of Rights?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and
to petition the Government for a redress of grievance.

You have the right to be offended by the various
religions and you have the right to petition the
government for redress of your grievance, but you
do not have the right to stop others who are
exercising their right to give a nod to their God.

We Christians are offended that you are offended
by our faith. If you don’t like it there are many
other rights for you to try and micro-manage. Leave
ours to us.
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Just wondering

September 11, 2014

Ever have the lyrics to a song stuck in head and
it doesn’t go away? After the last post I had two
lines of a 40 year old song that just kept repeating
in my head.

It was a country song about a loveless marriage
but the two lines that stayed with me were
“there’s nothing cold as ashes
after the fire is gone”.

And it started the thought process that although
Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn didn’t know it when
they recorded the hit in 1971, those two lines
were eerily appropriate to the aftermath of the
September 11th attacks.

Just had a feeling that the ashes were cold before
the fires were put out. People saw their lives fall
apart in those towers, in the Pentagon and in that
field. People lost their soul-mates, parents,friends
and children.

These people would never again see their loved
ones, friends and mentors, nor would their finances
be as secure. Families were left to heal the
wounds of loss and as a nation we were shocked.

A loveless marriage would be one thing, but to see
a normal day turn into a nightmare from hell for so
many would be, and is, on another level of pain

A wordsmith could relate the feeling a lot better
but we think you get the gist of it. And if you
don’t remember the song here’s the video.

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September 9, 2014

Sometimes we come across something we liked years
ago but had forgotten. When this happens the flood
gates open and the raging waters of memory speed

A lot of songs have been written about war both
for and against and the Vietnam War was no
exception to that rule. It did seem to have a lot
of anti-war songs that were popular with some.

Dave Dudley was known as the father of the truck
driving song. He earned the title in 1963 with the
release of “Six Days on the Road”. But the song
that brought the memories was one less known.

He wrote one song that spoke not of trucks, but of
war. The song was from his “There’s a Star-Spangled
Banner Waving Somewhere” album in 1966.

We lost far too many in that war and some that
came home will never be the same. If you listen to
the song, enjoy, but even if you don’t we ask that
you please take just a moment to remember all who
gave the ultimate sacrifice. Freedom isn’t free.
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Amazing people

September 6, 2014

We have another installment in our amazing people
series and this time we have two people we wish to

The first is a young lady named Rebecca. She was
visiting Boston and while jogging made the news.
She even tried to make light of her deed during
her interview, but she definitely saved some lives.

So watch this short video to see why we added her
to list of amazing people who inspire us.

Our second amazing person is named Chris. A young
man with an infectious smile and a can do attitude.
He also has a great sense of humor. What he doesn’t
have is arms or legs. But that doesn’t stop him
from working on a farm.

As a bonus we’ll throw in the uplifting speech
given by Professor Randy Pausch. You may remember
he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and this
speech was made toward the end of his battle with
the disease.

Some say the young lady mentioned first is a hero,
and we won’t argue that fact, but believe all who
are mentioned in this tale are heroes. Sometimes
inspiration gives the wings of flight to our hopes
and make us strive to do better.
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