Powered by what?

September 7, 2014

There is a new player in the game to fuel our
world and it isn’t ethanol. As a matter of fact, it
isn’t even a gas. We’re talking about thorium.

A piece of thorium weighing 5 grams, and small
enough to fit in the palm of your hand, could power
a car for 100 years! And we’re told it is as
plentiful as lead.

We still didn’t know what it was, why we needed
it, or why some feel it’s a good investment. I mean
is buying a car that can run for 80-100 years
without a refill that big a selling point? And if
it was, wouldn’t we have to improve the cars bodies
and suspensions to last that long?

Sounding like a cost estimate from our city
leaders, claim is it has a half-live between 25.52
hours and 14.05 billion years. Well that certainly
narrows it down.

There has been talk of converting nuclear power
plants to thorium use, but so far none have. The
Thorium Fuel Research and Development Program was
activated by the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
in the early 1960s.

Then there are those who lecture we could build
a thorium powered city on the moon, or even here.
Mr. Sorensen makes some interesting points in this

If you watched both videos you should have a grasp
of what thorium is. But yet we wonder. If it is so
cheap and plentiful why use anything else?

Want to read about thorium? Here is a Forbe’s
article about it.
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Odds and ends

April 22, 2014



A friend sent an email about a phone scam going on
where the caller claims to be with the IRS. The
caller ID may even display IRS and a bogus phone

But do not fooled as the IRS doesn’t ask for PINs,
passwords, credit card, or bank information. They
also warn of other scams concerning the lottery,
or debt relief while claiming to be from the IRS.

The callers will use phony names and badge numbers,
may be able to tell you the last 4 digits of your
Social Security number, and even call back claiming
to be with the police.

If you think you have been targeted, or if want more
information, go here.




And it now appears that the bio-fuel industry has
taken a big hit on the “green” front. We’ve been told
for some time how much better for our environment
renewable fuel is.

But it turns out the corn based fuel may actually
release more greenhouse gasses than conventional
fuel. The story on that is here.

So there is some news you may not have seen nor
care much about.
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Country protest songs

April 14, 2014

There are times when a song can lift our spirits,
sadden our hearts, enrich our patriotism, or seem
written for a later time.

While talking to our son he mentioned listening to
C.W. McCall’s “Classified” which was on the 1974 album Wolf Creek Pass. You may not remember the song,
but it might make you smile.

For some odd reason, this reminded of a rare single
from 1980 about the Iran hostage crisis. It was
considered a politically conscious song at the time.

“You guys in office!
You better listen!
We’re sick an’ tired of gettin’ took
This ain’t no crap game!
This is our future!
So run this country by the book”

Which reminded me of another of his songs from the
Wilderness album of 1976.

“There won’t be no country music
there won’t be no rock ‘n’ roll
’cause when they take away our country
they’ll take away our soul.”

McCall had bigger hits and more popular songs, but
we think these three are worth a listen. Love them or
hate them, agree with them or not, these songs should
at least make you think.
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Some cheap tricks

April 14, 2014

Spring has sprung and before we know it weeds will
start growing like, well weeds. So once again we list
some homegrown solutions to the problems life throws
at us while we’re making plans.


Some say just fill a spray bottle with vinegar and
soak the weeds while others claim box salt will do
the job.

Something we have tried is mix a gallon of vinegar
with a half cup of table salt and give it a squirt of
lemon dish detergent. Then use a watering can, pail,
or whatever is hand is pour on the offending weed.

Just remember that if it kills weeds it will kill
grass so be careful.

Summer is just around the bend and that means
sunburn. We keep vinegar in spray bottle for such

And warmer weather means ticks if you are an outdoor
lover. If you have pets mix a cup of water, two cups
of distilled white vinegar, and two spoonfuls of
vegetable or almond oil and put it in a spray bottle.
Ticks hate vinegar and the oils contain sulfur which
is a natural tick repellent.

For you and the family mix 2 cups distilled white
vinegar and a cup of water then put it in a spray
bottle. If the smell bothers you add 20 drops of your
favorite essential oil.

Baking soda has many uses outside the kitchen, here
are just a few. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a
half glass of water for heartburn. If you have a
rabbit problem, sprinkle baking soda around your
flowerbeds to keep them out. If you sprinkle baking
soda around your tomato plants you will get sweeter

Lemons are useful too. You can remove stubborn odors
from your cutting board by rubbing a lemon half over
it after washing. Lemon juice and toothbrush will
clean grout between your tiles, and a quarter cup of
lemon juice added to your wash will brighten whites.

A study done at Copenhagen University found that
drinking a cup of hot water mixed with two
tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of honey every
morning relieved arthritis pain.

And it’s just that easy.
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Interesting home

March 22, 2014

What you do if you were living in Thailand and a
friend gave you some land on his mango plantation?
Pitch a tent? Pull in a travel trailer?

If your name is Steve Areen and you had six weeks
and around $9,000 you would build a dream home.

I don’t know much about dome homes, but I know I
could live in one like this. I also don’t know much
about the cost of things in Thailand but don’t
believe one could beat the price.

It wouldn’t be for everybody and we think it is one
of those love it or hate it deals, we we like it.
Throw in a radio we could watch and it would be just
about perfect.
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Here we go again

March 2, 2014


We are once again getting our gear together
for another snow removal marathon. Wind
chills are below zero, the wind is whistling,
and the snow is piling up.

We ask whomever prayed for snow to please
stop. It has worked, it is March 2nd, and
we are ready for high temps over single

The white flakes of global warming have
blessed us with their presence often enough.
Perhaps the snow could hover over a third
world country whose people have never before
seen snow.

That would delight the children of said
country and make us happy also. It is a
win/win solution.
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Alternative fuel?

January 28, 2014


A newsletter sent us on another quest to
find the truth. Actually it was the content
of said newsletter that got me thinking “if
it sounds too good to be true it isn’t”.

What at first appeared to be a sales pitch
for the gullible turned out to be fact. I
am again amazed at our technological

If I said we could make our own gas,
propane, and natural gas with water and
sunlight would you think I’d lost my mind?

One source even claims we could have our
own power plants to make it!

Admittedly that would be decades away, but
when 80% of our energy used is from some
form of fuel, it has to be a step in the
right direction.

At UC Santa Cruz a team of chemists
have designed a gadget that uses sunlight
and sewage to make hydrogen fuel.

The University of Minnesota is also
working on turning water and sunlight into

This may be ancient history to some, but
it sure is news to us. It would have to be
greener than ethanol and just as renewable.

As soon as it warms up I’m getting out the
garden hose and a bucket.
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