Running on fumes

September 9, 2014

A friend shot an email my way with an attached
video and asked for my thoughts. The video was
about how a guy modified his pickup to run on fumes
and our friend asked for my thoughts.

I replied that the concept had been around for a
while but I never heard of anyone perfecting it.
Claims of 200-400 mpg with the modification have
been around since the 1930s.

What most people forget is that the idle circuit
of an internal combustion engine runs on fumes
anyway. It isn’t straight gasoline put in the
combustion chamber rather an atomized mist.

Some claim it works and evil big oil and other
corporations are blocking efforts to increase our
gas mileage. John Weston claims he got
463 mpg in his 1992 Geo Storm with his version.

But if one pays attention he actually claims the
car can run 14 miles on 4 ounces of fuel and that
equals 463 mpg.

A claim that’s been around even longer is that in
1936 Charles Pogue recorded over 200 mpg in a V8
Ford using a modified carburetor to run on vapors.
He ran a total of 1,879 miles on 14.5 gallons of

His family even claims that during World War II
his carburetors were installed on some of our
tanks and Jeeps in North Africa.

But again, Mr. Pogue did admit the car was hard to
start, it never got over 10 mph, and the test was
run with a pint of gasoline and a mpg average was

Things may have changed and improvements may have
been made but we are not convinced this would be
a conversion to do.
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Powered by what?

September 7, 2014

There is a new player in the game to fuel our
world and it isn’t ethanol. As a matter of fact, it
isn’t even a gas. We’re talking about thorium.

A piece of thorium weighing 5 grams, and small
enough to fit in the palm of your hand, could power
a car for 100 years! And we’re told it is as
plentiful as lead.

We still didn’t know what it was, why we needed
it, or why some feel it’s a good investment. I mean
is buying a car that can run for 80-100 years
without a refill that big a selling point? And if
it was, wouldn’t we have to improve the cars bodies
and suspensions to last that long?

Sounding like a cost estimate from our city
leaders, claim is it has a half-live between 25.52
hours and 14.05 billion years. Well that certainly
narrows it down.

There has been talk of converting nuclear power
plants to thorium use, but so far none have. The
Thorium Fuel Research and Development Program was
activated by the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
in the early 1960s.

Then there are those who lecture we could build
a thorium powered city on the moon, or even here.
Mr. Sorensen makes some interesting points in this

If you watched both videos you should have a grasp
of what thorium is. But yet we wonder. If it is so
cheap and plentiful why use anything else?

Want to read about thorium? Here is a Forbe’s
article about it.
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Things you don’t need, but might want

August 26, 2014

We have noticed while cruising the information
highway that it seems like everybody has something
either new, improved, or to be used for other than
intended purposes. We’ll mention a few.

We always thought Line-X was a spray-on bedliner
for those who chose to protect the bed of their
pick-up truck from scratches and rust. Now, thanks
to thinking outside the box, you can spray the
product on building blocks and drop said blocks
from the roof without damage.

Perhaps Line-X sprayed bomb shelters are next?

If you have a really low car that you couldn’t
load on a trailer before, you can now. The new kid
in town is ‘Airbagged Trailers’. Watch the video
and judge for yourself.

Like camping but are always looking for something
a little different? Consider this set-up by our
German friends at Volkswagen. Made in the 1970s,
but we guess there are still some around.

Having drive shaft problems? We may have an app
for that. This video explains the problems without
getting too technical.

Lastly, for your safety, don’t ever let this
happen at the car wash wash! Be sure to maintain a
firm grip on the wash wand at all times.

Now we’re going up on the roof and drop a block.
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A smart gun

August 20, 2014


We just heard of new technology that is going to
have gun hating liberals defecating bricks. These
precision guided firearm systems are priced
starting at around $10,000.

But their claims are hard to ignore. Watch the
video and see for yourself.

The system was developed by military experts and
engineers to virtually eliminate shooter error.
Claim is the Tag-Track-Xact system more than
doubles the proficiency of a skilled shooter.

There is limited availability is extremely limited
for this year, but if you need to know more go

Texas based TrackingPoint created the first smart
rifles which uses jet fighter lock and launch
technology enabling anyone to engage targets at
extreme ranges.

This fits into our definition of gun control-
don’t miss!
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The amphibious motor coach

August 12, 2014

When camping back in the day I just liked to throw
a tent, a sleeping bag and cooler in the bed of the
truck and go. Things have changed since then to the
point that if one has enough money they can buy
some marvelous toys.

Take the Terra Wind Recreational Vehicle for
instance. With a $1.5 million price tag fully
equipped, it is not for the financially troubled.
Obviously it is a luxury motorhome, but it goes a
step beyond others in the field.


The 330 hp Cat diesel will get you down the road,
but when you get to the lake it can get you across
the lake too! Not in speedboat fashion but more
like a houseboat.


If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, or you
just want some more information on this, go to the
CAMI website.

Oh, and CAMI stands for Cool Amphibious
Manufacturers International, LLC.
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Fast ride

July 31, 2014

We mentioned the upcoming Speed Week held at the
Bonneville Salt Flats and thought to add a few
posts about the cars and what they are attempting
to do.

The Bloodhound SSC is a supersonic car built with
the intention of reaching 1,000 mph. It is powered
by a jet engine and a rocket engine, plus it has a
Formula 1 V-8 race car engine just to power the
oxidizer pump for the rocket.

A Eurojet EJ 200 jet engine will take the car to
300 mph then the Nammo HTP Hybrid rocket will
propel the vehicle to 1,000 mph. These engines will
produce a combined 21 tons of thrust.

That means 135,000 hp or 0-1000 mph in 55 seconds!
Sound would reach 180 decibels at launch and the
interior temperature of the rocket would reach
3,000 degrees Celsius.

There will be about 550 more competitors at Speed
Week and while we can’t do a post on all of them
we will do some.
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Alien paint

July 29, 2014

Our son shared a video of a car that got our
attention. In a matter of seconds the car went from
purple to red, blue, green, yellow and brown. It
was claimed that the paint changed colors

But according to Snopes the video was a phony
and the color changes were done digitally. The
funny thing is the paramagnetic paint is real and
has been in the works for years.

While the thought of changing your car’s color by
turning a knob sounds far fetched, Toyota, GM and
other car makers have been working on refining the
process for about 7 years.

It starts with a polymer coating with something
called magnetoheological dampers. Basically this
means the coating has paramagnetic iron oxide
particles in it.

When an electrical current is passed through the
coating these particles change alignment which
alters the way they reflect light and changes the
cars color. The default color, when no current is
running through the body, is white.

Got it. But this opened the door to so many more
questions our head started spinning. Would your
title state the color is white or would it simply
say “all”? What color would police cars be?

Would an officer in an unmarked squad car just
turn the knob to become a regular squad car?
Would criminals use this technology to evade
capture? You get the idea.
So take a look at the video and see what you think.
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