There’s an app for that?

September 30, 2014


The FBI has released an alert concerning an app
called StealthGenie. This app can record anything
you do on a mobile device. This includes smart
phones, iPhones, and tablets.

This undectectable app, once on your device, can
record your calls, monitor conversations within 15
feet of your device, read your email, listen to
your voice mail, and check your photos and videos.

The information can then be transferred to an
online portal and are also stored on the
StelthGenie website.

You can’t tell if your phone is affected and the
FBI says your best option is to do a “factory
reset” if your device has the spyware.

The CEO of StealthGenie has been indicted for
selling the spyware and the website hosting has
been disabled.

If you have pictures you don’t want public, emails
or voicemails you rather keep to yourself, or are
just unsure of want can be done with an app like
this, go to the FBI alert.

Please remember, don’t put anything on any
electronic device that you wouldn’t like the public
to see. We don’t have as much privacy as one might
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Interesting study

September 24, 2014

The FBI has just released its Study on Active
Shooter Incidents (2000-2013 time frame). Active
Shooter is a term used by law enforcement to
describe a situation in which a shooting is in
progress and an aspect of the crime may affect the
protocols used in responding to and reacting at the
scene of the incident.

Thier definition not ours. We’ll try to simplify
things by saying incidents include Cimemark Century
16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado, Virginia Polytechnic
Institute, Ft. Hood and Sandy Hook Elementary.


We’ll have a link at the end to the FBI site which
also has a link to a 47 page PDF file that explains
more. In the years 2000-2013 there were 160 active
shooter events, two of which involved more than one
shooter and six did not involve male shooters.

In these 160 incidents 486 were killed and 557
were injured.

90 of the shootings ended at the shooter’s
initiative (i.e., suicide or fleeing).

In 21 of the 45 incidents where law enforcement
had to engage the shooter to end the threat, nine
officers were killed and 28 were wounded.

45.6% of the shootings took place in a commercial
environment, 24% took place in an educational
environment, and the remaining incidents took place
in open spaces, military and government properties,
houses of worship, and health care facilities.

Something we found interesting is that during the
first half of the study 6.4 incidents occurred
annually and in the last half it increased to 16.4
incidents per year.

One with think with the push for gun control by
Obama, Bloomberg, Pelosi, and others the opposite
would be true.

At any rate a summary of the study is on the
FBI webiste. A link to the PDF file
is on the right side of page.
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The next big threat?

August 30, 2014



We felt it time to talk of the problem of violence
in our culture. No, not the problems in Missouri or
the 42 shot and killed in Chicago this month. The
violence we speak of a is a growing fad of
attacks on unarmed people by others wielding
baseball bats.

This is not a laughing matter. If someone bonks
you on the head with a ball bat you’re going to see
stars at best or meet your maker at worst. And
there is no bat control nor bat registration.

One of the most recent attacks happened in
Baldwin, Iowa on August 23rd, 2014. Drinking was
involved and when one young man was told to leave
he went to his car, pulled out his ball bat, and
bonked two people with it.

One man who was hit on the head was bleeding a lot
and disoriented when deputies arrived. Another man
was hit, not bleeding, and refused treatment while
the first man was taken to a hospital for head

The man with the bat was charged with willful
injury and assault and is in jail on a $5,000 bond.
This is crazy. We need a three day waiting period
when buying a bat and meticulous registration of
those who buy them to insure this doesn’t become
a trend.

The bat wielding thug cannot be charged with
assault with a dangerous weapon because a ball bat
is not considered a weapon. We have to change this.

How many thugs out there are too stupid to figure out
how to get a firearm, are afraid of firearms, or
won’t because of the cost. Enter the ball bat. And
it’s just that simple.

Did you know that during the 2011 riots in
England baseball bat sales for self-defense
caused a sharp increase of said bats in civilian hands? Or
that TSA bans baseball bats, unless they are less
than two foot long and weigh less than 24 ounces?

There are millions of unregistered ball bats in
the country today made of hard woods, aluminum, or
composites. We need to keep an eye on this trend.
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Not what it seems

August 5, 2014

There are times when people witness something and
believe more is going on. Need an example? Alright,
before you read any farther look at the picture
below and think about what you think you see.


The girl in purple was abused, the dirt bag caught,
but she still lives in fear because he hasn’t been
tried yet. Oh, you wonder about the group of people
around her?

They belong to motorcycle ‘gang’ called ‘BACA’.
That stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse
International and when this little girl goes to
court to testify, they will have her back and
keep her safe.

Members of this group are trained by mental health
professionals, get fingerprinted, and get a thorough
background check as stringent as for those who
become police officers before they can even join
the group.

They are all volunteers who get no pay for time
or gas, only the satisfaction of keeping those who
were abused safe. So, was the picture what you
thought you saw?

If you have 14 minutes, and tissues in case your
eyes leak, please watch their video. It is worth
every minute.

We felt the tale worth telling about this great
group of people. Please share their story and get
the word out.
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Breaking news…

July 11, 2014

A friend sent us an urgent bulletin from the Obama
Administration. It seems authorities are having
trouble locating a suspicious vehicle that may be
being used to smuggle illegal immigrants across our
southern border.

Due to the increase in traffic at the border the
authorities have not been able to find the vehicle.
The vehicle is described as a plain red and white
Chevrolet 4-door sedan.

If you see the vehicle pictured below and have reason
to believe that it is the suspect vehicle, you are
urged to contact your local police department or the
U. S. Border Patrol.


Thank you for your co-operation.
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Drunks and idiots

June 24, 2014

We believe God looks after drunks and idiots. We
think this because they obviously can’t take care of
themselves. Hang on, we can prove it.

This past Sunday, around 3 pm, while a 79 year old
man was in church, Erik Blake Halpin stole his ride.
It happened in Prineville, Oregon.


About ten minutes later the Oregon State Police
got a call that the restored 1930 Model A had rolled
into the Crooked River 9 miles south of Prineville.



Back to Mr. Halpin; he was seen swimming to the
riverbank, promptly arrested, and taken by air
ambulance to St. Charles Bend for treatment of his
injuries sustained in the crash.

When released he was jailed on suspicion of
unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, driving while
under the influence of intoxicants, first degree
criminal mischief, and failure to perform the duties
of a driver involved in an accident. Police then
discovered he had a misdemeanor warrant for failure
to appear in another county.


A tow truck got the Model A back on solid ground,
the owners are awaiting word from the insurance
company, and Mr. Halpin lived to drink another day.

Good thing it wasn’t a fast car or the wreck might
have killed him.
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Just wondering..

June 15, 2014

Sometimes we sit and wonder while at other times we
just shake our heads. And since I have a welder and
know how to use it some people think welders can fix
anything. News flash! The welders of America cannot
fix stupid.


Case in point, early this past Saturday three men
were attacked by a machete welding madman in New York
City. We didn’t hear anything about it on TV
nor have any groups got irate and demanded machete

At least 4 people were shot yesterday in
Chicago and at least 15 since noon Friday.
So far it looks like only one fatality.
Where is the uproar about gun control?

Oh, we forgot, Chicago has some of the strictest
gun control laws in the country already. Why is it
that nobody is screaming for an overhaul of the gun
controls we now have since they aren’t working?

And we don’t know when it became wrong to disagree
with another American. Now if we don’t agree with
every little thing politicians or special interest
groups say we are labeled as hating them. Horse
manure! I don’t hate those I disagree with, I simply
do not agree with them.

According to Merriam-Webster, a disagreement is-

failure to agree

a difference of opinion. an argument caused by people
having different opinions about something

the state of being different or unalike

Nowhere does the dictionary state that the act of
disagreeing is somehow hateful, racist, sexist, or
a fear of whom we disagree with. We feel it time to
put an end to the politically correct nonsense and
agree to disagree. Isn’t allowing different people
with different opinions to live together what our
country is all about?
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