Sad tale of our times

April 6, 2014

If you have not heard the story of LaVena Johnson
you will. She was the first female soldier from
Missouri to die while serving in Iraq.

We ask that you watch the video, it is worth the
eight minutes time. It tells the story of the
Johnson family and their fight to clear their
daughter’s name.

Her death is officially listed as a suicide, even
though she had broken teeth, a broken nose, a broken
neck, was shot on the left side of her face even
though she was right-handed, and had lye poured on her

She was just over 5 feet tall and her M-16 is 40
inches long, and the wrong caliber. Oh, and after she
was dragged into her tent, it was set on fire.
Really? A suicide?

We ask that you please either go to the link at the
end of the video and help any way you can, or go
here to learn more and sign a petition
to reopen the investigation into her death.

As Veterans, and as Americans, we cannot let this
continue. This family has been fighting the
government to get answers since 2005 and government
owes them an honest answer.
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Something to think about

February 16, 2014

Some think thieves are the bottom feeders of
our society but one has to say they work hard
at separating us from our possessions.

A friend sent a few videos addressing another
twist on how said thieves do this. If you have
a garage on your property, you may want to look
at the videos as they offer two different, but
easy, fixes.

Your garage can be entered in as little as 6
seconds through your overhead door.

This video shows a homeowner breaking into his
own garage in 20 seconds and his fix for the

We haven’t heard of this happening around our
town but it never hurts to be pro-active when
it comes to keeping criminals out.

So take a minute and think of what you have in
your garage. Is it worth 5 minutes of your time
to help secure your door?
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Some New Year’s thoughts

December 31, 2013

Soon it will be the first day of the
new year. As such it will mean tomorrow we
have 364 more days to make this year better
than the last.

We also noticed a few things that stuck in
our craw and we will address them here.


Has anyone else noticed that some of the
comments on blogs have gotten an attitude
and could be “R” rated?

It is frustrating as a Veteran because we
all did our thing to ensure the freedom of
speech and all freedoms.

We wonder why that when someone can’t
debate an issue with facts they resort to
insults, innuendos, and/or profanity.


Then we have all seen the hoopla when a
celebrity or known politician dies. This
is fine in its own way, but we don’t hear
things that are also important.

Like the fact that 22 veterans commit
suicide every day. The numbers could be
even higher because of the way the suicides
are counted.

That story is here.

Another pet peeve is political
correctness, which is just a name put on
process to make anyone who disagrees with
current politicians in charge think that
they are wrong.

Take failure. The politically correct group
tells us that failure is unacceptable. But
we were taught failure is a lesson in life.

After all, if you don’t fail you don’t
learn. And if you don’t learn you’ll never
improve yourself.


And even though we are supposed to have
two separate political parties, they act
and vote more like there is but one.

Because of this we feel some sort of get
out of jail free card will be passed into
law this year for illegal aliens.

Flash mobs happen, people in Chicago are
still getting shot, and crime is in the
news daily. Yet we are told that crime is
actually down.

And if one checked the Uniform Crime
Report put out by the FBI it would seem
so. And yet we wonder…

A Chinese curse says “May you live in
interesting times”. But since we’re the
type that believes if life hands you
lemons, make lemonade or squirt someone
in the eye, we think our interesting times
are a blessing.

Happy New Year!
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A sad anniversary

November 22, 2013

Today is a date some of us remember
all too well. It is a day that is
etched in our memories.

November, 22, 1963 still haunts some of

It started like any other day, except I
skipped school to play pool. At the time
we liked to call these episodes ‘goof off
days that the school doesn’t recognize’.

I had just finished lunch and Bobby Vinton
was singing “Blue Velvet” on the radio when
the song stopped and an announcer broke in.

“President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas.”
The silence was deafening. Everyone just
looked at everyone else like they were
expecting them to explain.

We got to a TV set, turned it on, and
waited for it to warm up. After it did we
sat around the TV like campers around a
campfire awaiting more news.

Then came the news we were all dreading,
President Kennedy had died. There was a
mixture of anger, tears, confusion, and denial
in the room.

Schools let out early, flags flew at half
staff, and our nation mourned. America’s
Camelot had vanished in a blink.

AR 8255-3D

Our TVs were broadcast in living black
and white, we watched the radio a lot more,
and there were no 24 hour news channels.

It all unfolded in our living rooms
regardless of where we lived. From the shots,
to the killing of the assassin, to the
burial, and America grieved.
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It makes sense to somebody

October 26, 2013

As I was reading an article about the raid
on Audrey Hudson’s home I was so confused I
read it again. I think I’ve got it now.

The Maryland State Police along with the
Homeland Security Department’s Federal Air
Marshal Service and the Coast Guard
Investigative Service woke this woman up
at 4:30 am, in full body armor, to execute
a search warrant for a potato gun.

The warrant was signed by a judge in another
county, and during the search all firearms
and some files were taken from the home.

Then when authorities found out the files
were authorized under the freedom of information
act, they were returned.

But the guns are not going to be returned
because of something her husband did in 1986.

And the supposed reason for the interest in
the potato gun in the first place is her
husband bought it off a supposed arms dealer
5 years ago on the internet.

Yeah, I can see how a judge could put all
that together to issue a search warrant.

This story makes if official. Our government
has lost its mind. But don’t take our word
for it, read it in the Washington Times.

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September 20, 2013


We ran across two stories that have us
shaking our heads in disbelief. That’s
not hard to some days, but this isn’t
one of those days.

The first story is out of Chicago where
23 people were shot overnight. 3 were
killed and the others wounded.

This story begs the question; when are
the politicians going to quit the partisan
bs and stop the senseless violence? And
don’t start on the gun control bandwagon as
Chicago has some of the toughest gun control
laws on the books now.

The other story is from Canada and nobody
gets killed in it.

A woman was out to dinner with her husband
and when she opened a bottle of Coke and
looked under the cap she saw the words
“you retard”.

The wife and her sister both have disabilities.
Maddi, the wife is visually impaired and leads a
fairly normal life.

Her sister Fiona has Cerebral Palsy and
has 22 surgeries. She is cognitively

Their father wrote a letter to Coke and
asked “Can you imagine if SHE had opened
this bottle?”

Coke claimed it was word play with the
English ‘you’ and the French ‘retard’
which means to slow or delay.

Sorry Coke of Canada but we find that
just a tad hard to swallow.
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Weird tales

September 18, 2013

Comes news from Oklahoma that six bodies
were found in two cars submerged in a small

Authorities were doing training exercises
at the lake and found the cars at the bottom
of Foss Lake.

Three bodies were found in a 1950 Chevy and
it is believed those people have been missing
since the early 60s.

The 1950 Chevy, and occupants, were headed
for Foss Lake when they disappeared.

Inside a 69′ Camaro the bodies thought to be
of three teenagers were found. The three were
last seen on November 20, 1970 in the Camaro.

To read more, go here.
Or here.

Our condolences to the families and friends.
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We must remember

September 10, 2013

It has been 12 years since the terrorist
attack on our soil. And we can’t forget that 1
year ago our Embassy in Benghazi was attacked.

Some say we were attacked to put fear into
our hearts.

Instead it unified us as a Nation and
awoke a sleeping giant called the American

We forgot all about race, religion, and
rhetoric to pull together in a countrywide
effort to do what had to be done and help
those who needed help.

And even as this was being done we went
in search of those who done us harm. We
stood as a country and saluted our flag.

We let the world see our tears because we
knew they were tears of strength and not

We let the world know that what some thought
would be a serious wound to our beliefs was
instead a small scratch.

But we also cannot forget. And so we ask
you again to please take a moment out of
your day to remember those who perished,
those who fight to keep us free, and those
who ran in while people were running out.

9/11/01 9/11/12

God bless America.
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Rubber room rant

September 1, 2013


I saw this picture of Antonio Santiago in a
story from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

The punk that shot the 13-month-old child
was found guilty on several charges that
included felony murder.

But a testament to our declining society
is the fact that 10 days before this shooting
the punk shot a pastor!

But wait! There’s more. His mother was also
tried and convicted of tampering with
evidence in an attempt to cover up the

But wait! There’s more. Because he only 17
when he shot the baby he isn’t eligible for
the death penalty. So he got life.

His mother could get a 10 year prison
sentence out of her role.

For some reason, after reading this far,
I scrolled down to the comments. My God-
have all gone crazy?

Some used the “n” word, one mentioned
hanging with barbed wire, several brought
up anal sex, and even the President was

Where were Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson
with the solution to this growing problem?
Who has been in public eye saying we need
to stop the violence?

Forget about the ‘if you’re white you’re
racist’ rhetoric and stop the nonsense.
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Short rants

August 28, 2013


The politically correct army would have us
believe that nothing is as bad as it seems.
They believe it is all about how you say it.

Here’s the deal. If you are walking down
the road and step on a dog turd, you still
have a mess on your shoes if you call it
a by-product of a living organism.

Chicago has instigated a “Safe Passage”
program where police line the road to see
that the children get safely to school
without being shot.

And we’re guessing nobody will get shot
in the areas the police are present. But
we’d also guess that somebody will get
shot in Chicago.

It gives politicos a warm and fuzzy feeling
while it treats the symptom and not the

On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther
King, Jr.s famous speech orators from
around the country chimed in. Some were
there in 1963, some watched it on TV,
and some weren’t even born yet.

Talks were of how far there was left to
go to achieve the dream. Very few broached
the problem.

In one part of the speech, Dr. King started
with- I have a dream deeply rooted in the
American dream. I have a dream that one day
this nation will rise up, live out the true
meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths
to be self-evident, that all men are created

He also mentioned not being judged by the
color of ones skin but the content of ones
character. Perhaps those wreaking havoc on
others should be taught this.
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