Alien paint

July 29, 2014

Our son shared a video of a car that got our
attention. In a matter of seconds the car went from
purple to red, blue, green, yellow and brown. It
was claimed that the paint changed colors

But according to Snopes the video was a phony
and the color changes were done digitally. The
funny thing is the paramagnetic paint is real and
has been in the works for years.

While the thought of changing your car’s color by
turning a knob sounds far fetched, Toyota, GM and
other car makers have been working on refining the
process for about 7 years.

It starts with a polymer coating with something
called magnetoheological dampers. Basically this
means the coating has paramagnetic iron oxide
particles in it.

When an electrical current is passed through the
coating these particles change alignment which
alters the way they reflect light and changes the
cars color. The default color, when no current is
running through the body, is white.

Got it. But this opened the door to so many more
questions our head started spinning. Would your
title state the color is white or would it simply
say “all”? What color would police cars be?

Would an officer in an unmarked squad car just
turn the knob to become a regular squad car?
Would criminals use this technology to evade
capture? You get the idea.
So take a look at the video and see what you think.
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July 28, 2014

Some people like nothing more than to smell the
roses in their garden or curl up with a good book.
Others put on their hiking boots or running shoes
and get out to exercise.

And others like to push things to limit by
jumping out of planes, or seeing how much their
bodies and/or machines can take. This post is
about the latter.

Speed Week is almost upon us and in August some of
fastest people in the world are going meet at the
Bonneville Salt Flats to see if they made their
rides faster.

The Bonneville Speedway is an area of 56,650 acres
near Wendover, Utah, that is used for racing.

Scouring the information highway we came across
some numbers concerning the event. So let’s take
a numerical cruise through this event.

550 racers are pre-registered for this year’s
Speed Week coming from 11 different countries and
39 of our 50 states on this 100th anniversary of
the event.


In 1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell set a land speed
record of 301.129 in ‘Blue Bird’. A purpose built
car that weighed almost 5,000 pounds and was
powered by a supercharged V-16 Rolls-Royce airplane

In 1963 Craig Breedlove went 407.447 mph in his
‘Spirit of America’, one of the first jet-propelled
record holders.

In 1964 Art Arfons did 434.022 in his jet-
propelled ‘Green Monster’.

In 1965 Craig Breedlove came back with a new
version of ‘Spirit of America’ and did the flying
mile at 600.601 mph.

In 1967 Burt Munro (the worlds fastest Indian)
took his Indian Scout V-Twin to 183.59 mph. On
two wheels!


And finally, in 1970 Gary Gabelich took his ‘Blue
Flame’ to 622.407 mph. This was a rocket-powered

We’ll be watching this year and might see some
new speed records. Sounds relaxing to us.
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New diversions

July 18, 2014

On some Fridays we mention upcoming events with
motorized works of art, and we will. But first we
want to share a video of a ‘Pro Mod’ electric golf

And, another video featuring a big block powered
Smart Car. It looks weird and runs like a scalded

Cordova Dragway is hosting the IHRA NitroJam
Summer Nationals this weekend. For times and fees
use the link above.

Saturday, July 19 is the Walcott Day Car Show at
Victory Park in Walcott, Iowa. There will be a car
show, a tractor show, parade, kids games and more.

Saturday, July 19 is the Vietnam Veterans of
America Chapter 776 Car Cruise In at NorthPark Mall
in Davenport, Iowa. Details are a little sketchy
but we believe it starts at 6 pm and spectators get
free admission and donations are accepted.

On Sunday, July 20 Alderman Bill Edmond is going
to be on Meet the Press to discuss illegal
immigration. We’ll be watching.

Here’s a little test that tells you what kind
of vehicle you should be driving. We took it and
were happy with what it said we should drive.

For something a little different, this tribute to
biker artist Dave Mann.

To get you in the mood we’ll even throw in, at
no cost to you, this Chuck Berry hit.

And now we have places to go and people to see. We
hope you have the time to check these out and that
you enjoy them when you do.
Comments are always welcome.

Going from Paradise Road to a gut bucket

July 12, 2014

Remember the Paradise Road scene from American
Graffiti? Well that’s what caused this post.

And that, of course, got us thinking about cars
in videos again. So enjoy the following moving
pictures, most of which do include cars.

Which led us to Jeff Brock’s 52′ Buick Rivera at
Bonneville. This car has got to be the fastest 52′
Buick alive.

A few new car commercials seemed to be in order
here. Enjoy the cruise down Memory Lane.

We can’t explain how, but those clips brought to
mind the following video about Obamacare. Could be
remembering the drum brakes.

Which made us think of the “Dancing Zombie”.

For reasons unknown even to ourself, that made us
think of Coupezilla. It does sound sweet with open

And that took us to the top 10 fastest aircraft in
the world.

Which routed us to a video from Jay Leno’s Garage.
It features the 1962 El Tiburon Shark.

After watching that we thought of music at car shows.
The following isn’t really car show fare, but we
liked it anyway.

Finally, that made us think if this guy had a
piano and a gut bucket as back-up he’d have the
whole band. That of course brought back memories
of the “Gut Bucket Boogie”. It’s an acquired taste.

There are the various diversions that we
enjoyed and wanted to share with you.
Comments are always welcome.

Both sides

July 10, 2014


As we start we’ll mention that tomorrow,
July 11th, is Collector Car Appreciation Day.
It would be good day to let others see your

Then our son shared a tale about about a car cemetery
in Chatillon, Belgium, that looked almost like the
traffic jam of the century.


The story claims that the cars were left after
Americans went home at the end of WWII. Problem
is I spotted vehicles that weren’t built until
years after the war.


Our search engine sent me to another site
and that story cleared up the matter.

Yes, some of the cars were left after the war and
the newer ones were abandoned over the later years
because soldiers couldn’t afford to ship them home.
It turned into an automotive dumping ground.

If something like that happened here, the EPA and
other agencies with letters for names would be
making whoever owned the land clean it up. This
area of the abandoned cars is surrounded by some
pretty pristine countryside.

We think the following video lets you get a better
perspective on just how big this “cemetery” is. It
is something to see.

The very thought of a place like this both amazes
us and saddens us. So we have a day to celebrate
the present and a tale to mourn the past. We
believe that covers both sides.
Comments are always welcome.

Stranger than fiction

July 7, 2014

Our son shared a story with us which got us thinking
of many things. Like how in a perfect world there
would be no wars, famine, or killing, and things we
have for convenience would all operate on air and never
need repair. But we do not live in a perfect world.


The story claimed that the book “Christine” written
by Steven King, and the latter movie, was based on a
real car. A car that killed people and sought
revenge. Can our mechanical devices really be evil?

In the book, Christine was a 1957 Plymouth but the
car in the story is a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition
named the “Golden Eagle. This car is supposed to have
murdered at least 14 people and perhaps many times

It was bought new by a police department of a city in
Maine and quickly got a bad rap. Only 3 officers had
driven the car, and all three then killed their
families and themselves.

So the car was sold it and the new owner kept it in
the family. It is said the car never got as violent
with the new owners but the death toll kept

Local church members vandalized the car in the 80s
and 90s and all the lead vandalizers died in crashes
with 18-wheelers that decapitated them. A total of 32
members of the vandalizing groups were killed.

Claim is the car even killed children. One kid who
touched the car on a dare, murdered his whole family
and burned down the house a few weeks later.

In 2010 a church group thought a demon was living in
the car and stole it, chopped it to pieces, and took
pieces to several local junkyards. The owner wanted
the car back and was called “the sea witch of Old
Orchard Beach” for her trouble.

Surprisingly, after the owner asked for help on the
internet to locate said pieces, most of the pieces
are now back in her possession. To read her story,
go here.

So, can a car kill?

Comments are always welcome.

Holiday weekend update

July 4, 2014


The festivities of Independence Day are drawing
closer to the grand finale complete with fireworks
and soon the holiday will be done. There will still
be a lot going on this weekend so we thought we’d
mention a few events around eastern Iowa.

For the past 23 years, the big event has been the
Goodguys Heartland Nationals held on the Iowa State
Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, which starts today
and runs through Sunday.

This event usually contains lots of sun, lots of
people, a lot of cars, and a few cars that run
like a hummingbird on Red Bull.

Saturday, July 5th the River Valley Classic Car Club
is hosting the “Rollin in the Oldies” Cruise Night
at Northpark Mall in Davenport, Iowa. Gates open at
5 pm and spectator admission is a mere $2. Always
neat cars, great people, and good music.

Sunday, July 6th the Strictly Street Rod Club is
hosting the 34th Annual Rod Run/Show at Perry
Farms in Bourbonnais, Illinois. For more info
call 815-428-7564

And of course on Monday we have to go back to work
so we can bring home the bacon. We do like our BLTs.
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Thinking ’bout a Cadillac

June 29, 2014

We seems to be in a Cadillac phase for reasons that
can’t be explained. It all started while cruising the
information highway and coming across a picture of
what can only be described as a cab-over-engine (COE)
Cadillac from King Daddy Caddy.


Every time I look at it I see something I missed. One
has to admit it is different. And speaking of being
different, a friend sent us a video of a one-of-a-
king supercharged 1953 Cadillac Eldorado.

Which brought to mind another supercharged Cadillac
that wasn’t factory built. This one is a monster.

That brought to mind the new Cadillac CTS-V coupe
which is supercharged with 556 hp.

Which in turn made us think of older models. Some
older Cadillacs look like works of art.

And that took us back to 1912.

Which got us thinking: how do you start a 1912
Cadillac and what do they sound like running?

Cadillac even got mentioned in quite a few songs but
we’ll only list one here.

And that is how we spent the weekend with Cadillacs
on our Chevrolet budget. We had more fun than a stray
cat in a tuna factory!
Comments are always welcome.

Interesting internet finds

June 27, 2014

On our regular cruise down the information highway
this time we found some interesting things and
people. One such find is this picture. We almost did
a story on why one shouldn’t keep a dinosaur in their
back yard about it.


We also ran across a picture of what looks to be a
customized Corvair. We don’t believe it to be a
prototype, but aren’t sure.


Someone sent us a video they thought was a little
crazy that we thought looked like fun. We’ll let you
be the judge.

A friend sent us a short video of Obama giving a
speech in which he says people have to be forced to
give up their rights. This one is worth 19 seconds
of your time.

If you remember the days of the steam engines you’ll
like this 28 minute video.

Ever seen a double decker travel trailer from the
1950s? Thanks to the information highway you can now
say you have. It may look odd by today’s standards
but it was well thought out.

Couldn’t make the air show so now you have a long
face? How about over 17 minutes of the 2014 Planes of
Fame Airshow from Chino Airport? This video includes
footage of an F-22 Raptor, some P-51 Mustangs, a
Pacific Theater demonstration, a Korean War
demonstration, and more.

For our song we’re going somewhere completely
different again with this one by Donnalou Stevens.

That about covers the interesting things we found so
you’ll have to wait for another post on the mundane.
Comments are always welcome.

Drunks and idiots

June 24, 2014

We believe God looks after drunks and idiots. We
think this because they obviously can’t take care of
themselves. Hang on, we can prove it.

This past Sunday, around 3 pm, while a 79 year old
man was in church, Erik Blake Halpin stole his ride.
It happened in Prineville, Oregon.


About ten minutes later the Oregon State Police
got a call that the restored 1930 Model A had rolled
into the Crooked River 9 miles south of Prineville.



Back to Mr. Halpin; he was seen swimming to the
riverbank, promptly arrested, and taken by air
ambulance to St. Charles Bend for treatment of his
injuries sustained in the crash.

When released he was jailed on suspicion of
unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, driving while
under the influence of intoxicants, first degree
criminal mischief, and failure to perform the duties
of a driver involved in an accident. Police then
discovered he had a misdemeanor warrant for failure
to appear in another county.


A tow truck got the Model A back on solid ground,
the owners are awaiting word from the insurance
company, and Mr. Halpin lived to drink another day.

Good thing it wasn’t a fast car or the wreck might
have killed him.
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