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August 30, 2014

We wrote a little about Dan Parker yesterday and
now feel we should tell a little more of his story.
Parker was the 2005 ADRL Pro Nitrous World Champion.
His dream was to build race cars and race until
the wreck that took his sight in March of 2012.

He used to spend his weekends like this-

There are tracks across our great country where
every weekend the average Joes, the backyard
mechanics, tinkerers, and professionals run what
they brung.

Parker went to the Salt Flats last year and the
National Federation of the Blind (NFB) became one
of his sponsors. This year he went back. Riding
a three-wheeled motorcycle, that he designed, he
set a new world record in 51-85cc single cylinder
2 stroke cycle car class with an average speed of
62.05 mph.

He also went in the record books as the first
blind person to set a Land Speed Record without
any other human assistance. He did have a very
sophisticated GPS system and electronics that
would turn off the engine if he veered off course.

Mr. Parker is now on the return trip home after
achieving his goals on the salt. If you would like
to know more about his run, please watch this

Congratulations Mr. Parker, and we’re sorry we
called you Don in yesterdays post. We will not make
that mistake again as we follow your career.
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A racer, a rare car, a train wreck, southern women, and more

August 29, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Don Parker, we hope you
remember his name after reading this. He is at the
Bonneville Salt Flats with his motorcycle and has
the required passes to get an average speed. His
official average speed is 62.05 mph.

That may not sound like much to many but it has
earned him our respect. As he puts it “I’m not a
blind man trying to race. I’m a racer who went


Now here are some upcoming events in our area.
Friday, August 29th will be the Midnight Mayhem at
Cordova Dragway. Gates open at 10 pm and the races
will run from 11 pm to 3 am.

Also tonight is the Friday Night Cruise In at the
Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa hosted by the
Classy Chassis Cruisers from 5-9 pm.

Saturday, August 30 is the Sauerkraut Days Car
Show held in Blairstown, Iowa.

Sunday, August 31 is the Labor Day Weekend Car
Show held in beautiful downtown Bradford, Illinois.

Sunday is also the Orion Fall Festival Car Show in
picturesque downtown Orion, Illinois.

Monday, September 1 (Labor Day), is the 17th
Annual McCausland Labor Day Car Show held in
McCausland, Iowa. Things kick off at 7 am with a
pancake breakfast and the parade starts at noon.

And Saturday, September 6, is the Rollin’ In The
Oldies Cruise-In at NorthPark Mall in Davenport,
Iowa hosted by the River Valley Classics. Starts
at 5 pm.

Here is a car you may not have seen before.

Some think our society crazy today but we didn’t
get that way overnight. Starting in the late 19th
century, train crashes were a spectator sport.

How about a primer on the sh*t southern women say?

We don’t have a song this week so will leave you
with this…

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Things you don’t need, but might want

August 26, 2014

We have noticed while cruising the information
highway that it seems like everybody has something
either new, improved, or to be used for other than
intended purposes. We’ll mention a few.

We always thought Line-X was a spray-on bedliner
for those who chose to protect the bed of their
pick-up truck from scratches and rust. Now, thanks
to thinking outside the box, you can spray the
product on building blocks and drop said blocks
from the roof without damage.

Perhaps Line-X sprayed bomb shelters are next?

If you have a really low car that you couldn’t
load on a trailer before, you can now. The new kid
in town is ‘Airbagged Trailers’. Watch the video
and judge for yourself.

Like camping but are always looking for something
a little different? Consider this set-up by our
German friends at Volkswagen. Made in the 1970s,
but we guess there are still some around.

Having drive shaft problems? We may have an app
for that. This video explains the problems without
getting too technical.

Lastly, for your safety, don’t ever let this
happen at the car wash wash! Be sure to maintain a
firm grip on the wash wand at all times.

Now we’re going up on the roof and drop a block.
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From Cadillac to a movie

August 22, 2014

112 years ago today Cadillac was founded by Henry
Leland. And since it is Friday and the weekend
events are getting started we will do an events

Before we do that here is a video of different
kind of big rig.

And just in case you’ve had a rough day, here is
a short video of an old school bus jumping a

Going on as we speak is the 61st Annual World
Series of Drag Racing at Cordova Dragway.
There’s too much going on to list here so go to the
website for more information.

Tonight, August 22, there is a cruise in at
Discount Tire in Plainfield, Illinois and a cruise
in at the Hy-Vee, Quincy Place Mall, Ottumwa, Iowa.

Tomorrow, August 23 is the Greene County Swap
Meet-Car, Truck, Motorcycle, and Tractor Show at
the Fairgrounds in Jefferson, Iowa.

Tomorrow will also be the Main Drag Cruise Night
held in downtown East Moline, Illinois; enter from
12th and 13th streets. Event will run from 5-10 pm.

Sunday, August 24, is the Mopars on the
Mississippi Show in Dubuque, Iowa.

Monday, September 1 is the McCausland Labor Day
Car Show from 8 am to 4 pm in downtown McCausland,

For a little music, we were listening to this old
ZZ Top song.

For our last diversion we’ll throw in a little
picture from Stephen King called ‘Maximum

We have taken you from the start of Cadillac to
the end of the movie so now we’ll wish you an
enjoyable weekend and the stamina to survive it.
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A tribute

August 18, 2014

The Henry Gregor Felsen Tribute Car Show will be
held Sunday, September 21st, at the Historic Valley
Junction in West Des Moines, Iowa starting at 9 am.


The words that Felsen wrote painted a picture in
my mind at an early age that hasn’t diminished with
the passage of time. I read his entire rodding
series.  That series alone sold over 8 million copies.

Hot Rod, Street Rod, Crash Club, Boy Gets Car,
Here is Your Hobby: Car Customizing, A Teen-Ager’s
First Car, Living With Your First Motorcycle, and
others got my mind out of class while my body had
to stay.

We’re sure there are many of our generation who
remember these books, the life lessons that the
author placed in them, and the author. I know we
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The amphibious motor coach

August 12, 2014

When camping back in the day I just liked to throw
a tent, a sleeping bag and cooler in the bed of the
truck and go. Things have changed since then to the
point that if one has enough money they can buy
some marvelous toys.

Take the Terra Wind Recreational Vehicle for
instance. With a $1.5 million price tag fully
equipped, it is not for the financially troubled.
Obviously it is a luxury motorhome, but it goes a
step beyond others in the field.


The 330 hp Cat diesel will get you down the road,
but when you get to the lake it can get you across
the lake too! Not in speedboat fashion but more
like a houseboat.


If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, or you
just want some more information on this, go to the
CAMI website.

Oh, and CAMI stands for Cool Amphibious
Manufacturers International, LLC.
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The most famous, less known, Economy Rally

August 11, 2014


The week starting October 17, 1981, 38 vehicles
left Los Angeles for an eight day run across
America known as the Future Fuels Challenge Rally.
The rally was to end in New York City.

The course ran 3,400 miles and all vehicles that
were entered had to run on alternative fuels. You
know like ethanol, peanut oil, hardwood, Snickers,
cherry pits, shrimp shells, cooking oil, or methanol.

Entrants included a methanol powered Ford Escort,
two Mercury LN7s, pickups with wood fired boilers
filling the bed, a methanol powered three-
wheeler with 19cc Honda engine, a few old Saabs and
Suburus, a 1973 Cadillac powered by a methanol
eating turbocharged VW Rabbit 4-cylinder, and a VW
with 227,000 miles on the odometer converted to
run on alcohol.

Problems with an event of this size were to be
expected and some popped up before the vehicles
even left Los Angeles. Some complained that the
trucks with the wood burning boilers had an unfair
advantage because of how the BTU values were

On the second day out the man who laid out the
route and his passenger, who supplied all the
instruments to measure fuel consumption, were
broadsided at an intersection in Phoenix. The
organizer was hospitalized in very critical
condition and some thought the rally was over.

Another argument ensued the next day with the car
guys and absent-minded professor types against the
Wall Street bunch. It was decided the former group
would not be allowed to ‘draft’ and the later would
lighten up a bit.

The winner was to receive $300,000 when the event
began. Before the group hit New York it was down
to $150,000, and at the close of the rally that
number shrank to possibly $25,000.

When the rally hit New York City 20 vehicles were
left and to be honest, we don’t know if a winner ever
was announced. It was just another of many zany
things, we as Americans, get involved with.
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