Rainy day videos

April 23, 2014

Since we’ve done nothing but talk politics this week
we decided to do something different. Then when it
started raining and I couldn’t work outside an idea
was born.

We decided to cruise the information highway in
search of strange stories, neat stuff, and things
that nobody needs to know but wants to.

Have you ever seen a police chase involving a Smart
Car? Or one that has music? You can say you have now.

If that isn’t strange enough, how about a police
chase with radio controlled cars made to look like
the Fast & Furious movies.

That led to the following video which shows a car
from South Korea that thinks it’s a turtle.

If you are old enough to remember, and not made
bitter by that fact, you will enjoy this video as
we know it made us smile.

At times all of us wonder how much time we have left
before we meet our maker. This video clears that up
and explains how we will spend that time.

This one made my eyes leak a little, but we like it
and had to include it.

And now our cruise comes to an end. We’ll leave you
with this song from George Strait.

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Stop calling me a terrorist!

April 22, 2014


Sometimes things are said by the ruling elite that
gets me going. Such is the case with State
Representative Clel Baulder who called the Iowa Gun
Owners lobby “political terrorists” for contacting
him about gun rights in our state.

You may remember that Representative Baulder is the
one who killed the bill that would allow parents to
teach their children younger than 14 to shoot. Even
though an offer of a “cover bill” that would lower
the age to 12 was made, it was too little too late.

We should all contact Clel Baudler and ask for an
apology to the young girls involved and to get the
mess straightened out.

And we should contact Speaker of the House Kraig
Paulsen and remind him that since he appoints the
committee chairmen he is responsible for their
actions during committees.

If you have a car in this race, you can also contact
your representative with your thoughts.

You may send them an email like this:

Representative _________________,

Recently it’s come to my attention that Iowa law makes
it illegal for me to teach my children or grandchildren
how to shoot a defensive handgun until they are 14
years of age.

Worse, legislation was brought up in committee earlier
this year to fix this issue but was not allowed to

The very idea that state government believes they know
more than I do about when my son or daughter is able
to handle a firearm for self-defense makes me downright

Now that this issue has received state wide and even
national attention over the last week, I am writing to
strongly encourage you to make sure that you vote to
fix this issue before adjourning for the year.

Please note, making tiny adjustments to the law such as
changing the age from 14 to 12 is not what I wish to
see done. No one knows more than a parent when their
child is ready to be taught to shoot.

I’ll be watching to see how you vote on this
important issue.



To read the original newsletter about Iowa Code
724.22(5) go here.

We still think Charlie Daniels says it best.

Comments are always welcome.

Odds and ends

April 22, 2014



A friend sent an email about a phone scam going on
where the caller claims to be with the IRS. The
caller ID may even display IRS and a bogus phone

But do not fooled as the IRS doesn’t ask for PINs,
passwords, credit card, or bank information. They
also warn of other scams concerning the lottery,
or debt relief while claiming to be from the IRS.

The callers will use phony names and badge numbers,
may be able to tell you the last 4 digits of your
Social Security number, and even call back claiming
to be with the police.

If you think you have been targeted, or if want more
information, go here.




And it now appears that the bio-fuel industry has
taken a big hit on the “green” front. We’ve been told
for some time how much better for our environment
renewable fuel is.

But it turns out the corn based fuel may actually
release more greenhouse gasses than conventional
fuel. The story on that is here.

So there is some news you may not have seen nor
care much about.
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A house divided

April 21, 2014

We haven’t been mad since Christ rode a bicycle, but
we still wonder when it’s going to happen. The
reason for such thinking is simple.


Our country is divided. This time it seems so much
worse than we remember it ever being. This time it
has been ratcheted up to a perfect storm of issues
that shouldn’t even be issues.

We are divided by our race, sex, religion, wealth,
our guns, and global warming. And the government does
not allow discussion or debate. Whatever they say is
the problem, is the problem.


They forget the sacrifices of those who gave us the
freedom to allow them to abuse the power of their
office. They forget that the Constitution is not open
to interpretation but meant as a guide book for
government and the people.

We are being spied upon without cause and for no
apparent reason while being told we can’t mention
God at a time we really need him.

If we stand against unlawful government actions we
are called domestic terrorists, not protesters. It is
getting very old, very fast.


And they want our guns while being so unknowing of
the subject don’t spot the glaring error in their own

At some point we have to stand up and say enough is
Comments are always welcome.


April 20, 2014

We wish you a joyous Easter. If your religion
doesn’t celebrate Easter, or you don’t believe, we
wish you an enjoyable Sunday.

At our place on the west coast of the Mississippi
River we do. We will celebrate with Dad and my
siblings. The weather is supposed to be picture
perfect and we have a mood to mirror the weather.

If you don’t celebrate we ask that not watch the
videos so you won’t get offended. But rather you
agree with our thinking or not, it will be one more
day added to our lives so you may as well enjoy it.
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It’s here

April 19, 2014


Happy Easter

April 18, 2014

It will be here before we know it. And just because
we are tired of the commercialism of the day we
present the following. When the advertisement gets
done it is an entertaining video.

Easter always reminds of Cadillacs and church. We
never owned a Cadillac, but did go to church a lot.
So here is a video of a different kind of Cadillac.

One problem some of us have is with speeders who
race up and down our streets at all hours. While it
doesn’t bother us personally, if it bothers you this
video offers a solution.

Sometimes around holidays we reflect on where we’ve
been and where it looks like we’re headed. We are
saddened when we look ahead because of where we are
now. The following video is about a victim of
bullying who tragically took her own life earlier
this month at the age of 14.

Enjoy your Easter, Passover, weekend, or whatever
you call it. And if you could please take a minute
to think of way we stop the bullying, perhaps one of
us may come up with workable solution.
Comments are always welcome.


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