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April 19, 2014


Happy Easter

April 18, 2014

It will be here before we know it. And just because
we are tired of the commercialism of the day we
present the following. When the advertisement gets
done it is an entertaining video.

Easter always reminds of Cadillacs and church. We
never owned a Cadillac, but did go to church a lot.
So here is a video of a different kind of Cadillac.

One problem some of us have is with speeders who
race up and down our streets at all hours. While it
doesn’t bother us personally, if it bothers you this
video offers a solution.

Sometimes around holidays we reflect on where we’ve
been and where it looks like we’re headed. We are
saddened when we look ahead because of where we are
now. The following video is about a victim of
bullying who tragically took her own life earlier
this month at the age of 14.

Enjoy your Easter, Passover, weekend, or whatever
you call it. And if you could please take a minute
to think of way we stop the bullying, perhaps one of
us may come up with workable solution.
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Getting there

April 18, 2014

I bought my first pre-programmed scanner and have
been trying to program it to the local police
frequencies. My thinking was that if it was already
pre-set, all I would have to do was get rid of the
ones I didn’t like.

Needless to say, that didn’t work. After fumbling
with it for a day I asked a friend for help. He came
over and we almost figured had it figured out but he
had to leave. I appreciated the help and figured I
was good to go.

That plan didn’t work either so I read the manual.
Well ok, part of it. But it was the important part
and I thought I was making progress.

But I made one minor mistake. The LED readout said
“ProLoc”, which I took to mean Pro Logic. I didn’t
know what that meant, but it had to be a good thing.

Wrong. “ProLoc” meant program lock which meant that
everything I thought I had done I didn’t. Stupid


So today I kinda look like the kid in the picture
above. Alright, I don’t have blue eyes, or a big
head, and I’m not bald, but when I looked in the
mirror after finding out what ProLoc meant that is
the expression I saw.

If you are used to a programmable police scanner I
would strongly suggest you stick with what you’re
used to or you may end up looking like the kid in
the picture too.
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It’s official

April 16, 2014


They have gone too far. Did you know that under Iowa
law you are committing a criminal act if you teach
your child or grandchild to shoot a defensive handgun
if they are under the age of 14?

Ask 8 year old Natalie. Recently both she and
her father were kicked off a gun range because she
was firing a Walther .22 in violation of Iowa code

Her father claims his wife and himself had been
training their daughters to shoot for years and when
they go to a range his two daughters will fire almost
1,000 rounds through the Walther.

The Iowa Gun Owners are asking that we contact
Representative Clel Baudler and others who won’t
repeal this section of our state law and tell them
we are not happy campers.

Go here to learn what we can do to
help, see a video of the girls asking Representative
Baudler to let them shoot, and to learn more of what
is being done to our Constitutional rights.

We wonder why the government can force our children
to listen to propaganda in their schools at this age
but not be taught firearm safety and use. We have to
stop the nonsense.
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Country protest songs

April 14, 2014

There are times when a song can lift our spirits,
sadden our hearts, enrich our patriotism, or seem
written for a later time.

While talking to our son he mentioned listening to
C.W. McCall’s “Classified” which was on the 1974 album Wolf Creek Pass. You may not remember the song,
but it might make you smile.

For some odd reason, this reminded of a rare single
from 1980 about the Iran hostage crisis. It was
considered a politically conscious song at the time.

“You guys in office!
You better listen!
We’re sick an’ tired of gettin’ took
This ain’t no crap game!
This is our future!
So run this country by the book”

Which reminded me of another of his songs from the
Wilderness album of 1976.

“There won’t be no country music
there won’t be no rock ‘n’ roll
’cause when they take away our country
they’ll take away our soul.”

McCall had bigger hits and more popular songs, but
we think these three are worth a listen. Love them or
hate them, agree with them or not, these songs should
at least make you think.
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Some cheap tricks

April 14, 2014

Spring has sprung and before we know it weeds will
start growing like, well weeds. So once again we list
some homegrown solutions to the problems life throws
at us while we’re making plans.


Some say just fill a spray bottle with vinegar and
soak the weeds while others claim box salt will do
the job.

Something we have tried is mix a gallon of vinegar
with a half cup of table salt and give it a squirt of
lemon dish detergent. Then use a watering can, pail,
or whatever is hand is pour on the offending weed.

Just remember that if it kills weeds it will kill
grass so be careful.

Summer is just around the bend and that means
sunburn. We keep vinegar in spray bottle for such

And warmer weather means ticks if you are an outdoor
lover. If you have pets mix a cup of water, two cups
of distilled white vinegar, and two spoonfuls of
vegetable or almond oil and put it in a spray bottle.
Ticks hate vinegar and the oils contain sulfur which
is a natural tick repellent.

For you and the family mix 2 cups distilled white
vinegar and a cup of water then put it in a spray
bottle. If the smell bothers you add 20 drops of your
favorite essential oil.

Baking soda has many uses outside the kitchen, here
are just a few. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a
half glass of water for heartburn. If you have a
rabbit problem, sprinkle baking soda around your
flowerbeds to keep them out. If you sprinkle baking
soda around your tomato plants you will get sweeter

Lemons are useful too. You can remove stubborn odors
from your cutting board by rubbing a lemon half over
it after washing. Lemon juice and toothbrush will
clean grout between your tiles, and a quarter cup of
lemon juice added to your wash will brighten whites.

A study done at Copenhagen University found that
drinking a cup of hot water mixed with two
tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of honey every
morning relieved arthritis pain.

And it’s just that easy.
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Old dog with new tricks

April 13, 2014

Ever heard of the Adams-Farwell automobile? Did you
know they made these cars in Dubuque, Iowa? I didn’t
know either until today and will share what I’ve
learned with you.

One thing you may noticed in the video is that the
five cylinder engine revolves around the crankshaft.
This made it lighter as it didn’t need a flywheel or

The first prototype engine was completed in 1898 and
it was placed between the front wheels of horse
drawn carriage. This didn’t work so hot so they tried
installing it in the rear, and the rest is history.

The car in the video is a 1906 Adams-Farwell Series-
6 that has a five cylinder engine with 490.9 cubic
inches and makes around 45 horsepower. It is also
the only Adams-Farwell car known to exist today.

The automaker lasted from 1898 to 1913 when a seven
passenger touring car sold for the princely sum of

If the engine interests you as much as it did me,
go to Animated Engines to see some info on
a similar engine used on fighter planes in WWI.

Live and learn.
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