Strange days

October 24, 2014


Ever have one of those days? Woke up to heavy fog
and was acting goofy and making scary sounds all
the way to the grocery store. On the way home I
put my forearm across my face and did a decent
Boris Karloff impression but the wife was not

So in the belief that a cruise down the digital
highway would return the sanity I fired up the old
computer and got busy.

Opening a friends email, and a link that was
included in said email, I learned that Homeland
Security raided a panty shop in Kansas City.
And all because the confiscated panties had KC on
the butt?

Well that got me going again as I thought that
terrorists who are waltzing across our unmanned
borders would have nothing to worry about unless
they were wearing KC panties over their pants.
I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that.

There had to be something serious going on some
where. Nope. Next page I went to boldly proclaimed
“Big Tobacco Company Bans Smoking”. Yup. Reynolds
American, Inc., the people who bring us Camel
cigarettes, are going to ban smoking in its offices
and buildings beginning next year!

Because of my goofy mood, here’s a song you may
not have heard, or listened to in while, but it
is memorable.

To make up for that one, here’s a video of a blind
kid who knows how to sing the blues.

Now it’s time to go out and howl at the fog.
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Sad anniversary

October 23, 2014


On October 23, 1983 a truck bomb ran into the
Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon. 241 were
killed including 220 Marines and 21 from other
branches of the service. 58 French soldiers were
also killed in the attack.

It was the deadliest attack against the U.S.
Marines since the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. We
are still battling these terrorists but cannot
forget the Fallen, their families, or the fact
that others want to kill us.

God bless America.
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Potty-mouthed princesses?

October 22, 2014

We will forewarn you that today’s post will have
offensive material in it. Because of the subject
matter that can’t be helped. If dropping the
f-bomb offends don’t watch the video.

I was offended by the video and believe people
involved should be in jail. Here’s what happened.
Opening a newsletter I was greeted with the
headline “Potty-Mothed Princesses Drop F-Bombs
for Feminism”.

This video should upset you. Unless you believe
young girls should be allowed to use gutter

Turned out said princesses were between the ages
of 6 and 13. The video also features a 12-year-
boy wearing a pink gown saying “When you tell boys
not to ‘act like girls’ it’s because you think it
is bad to be a girl.”

What! Then to claim it is a pro-feminism video
only adds fuel to the fire. This begs the question,
how far does our freedom of speech go?

To have a 6-year-old girl say that pay inequality
is more offensive than the word f*** is not my idea
of freedom of speech. It is child abuse.

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Almost time

October 21, 2014


Election day is drawing closer and it is time to
talk about that. Voting is a right and being
uninformed is no excuse. When we vote here again
in Davenport we will also vote to retain the 7th
District judges. These are listed on the back of
the ballot so please be sure to turn it over.

We don’t know about others but we will vote no for
Judge Christine Dalton Ploof who felt it
necessary to sentence
Pachino Hill to church
instead of prison after
60+ arrests. We voted no last time and will do so

As for the candidates, we will again say to vote
your beliefs. The race for Congress in District 2
we have David Loebsack (D) against Dr. Mariannette
Miller-Meeks (R). We know Loebsack voted for
Obamacare and that he favors a cap and trade carbon
tax. Miller-Meeks wants to repeal Obamacare, end
abortion on demand, and no carbon tax.

In the Senate, incumbent Bruce Braley (R) is being
challenged by Joni Ernst (R). Braley voted for
Obamacare, wants abortion on demand, doesn’t think
businesses should have religious freedom, is
against the Keystone pipeline and for a Cap and
Trade Carbon tax.

Ernst wants to repeal Obamacare, a balanced budget
amendment, no abortion on demand, does want the
religious freedom for business and the Keystone
pipeline. She doesn’t want any cuts to Medicare,
the Cap and Trade Carbon tax and is against same
sex marriage.

These thoughts on policy seem to run according to
political party and that holds true with the race
for Governor. Incumbent Terry Branstad (R) is for
repealing Obamacare and religious freedom for
business, against same-sex marriage and abortion on

Challenger Jack Hatch (D) favors same-sex marriage
and abortion on demand and doesn’t want Obamacare
repealed or religious freedom for business.

There are the candidates, it will be your choice
on election day. Vote for who you feel will be the
best for the job. If you don’t know you can go
here for more information.

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Of flags and red lights

October 20, 2014

In a recent post we mentioned the flag folding
ceremony done at military funerals and the
significance of the first three folds. Here is a
video that explains all the folds.

And after the flag is completely folded and
tucked in, it takes on the appearance of a cocked
hat, ever reminding us of the soldiers who served
under General George Washington and the sailors
and marines who served under Captain John Paul
Jones who were followed by their comrades and
shipmates in the Armed Forces of the United States,
preserving for us the rights, privileges, and
freedoms we enjoy today.

If you watched the video you now know that the
flag folding ceremony is much more than most
believe. It honors the veteran, bravery, mothers,
fathers, women, our faith, our flag, and even our

On a lighter note, around our part of Iowa we have
red light cameras and speed cameras which were
placed in various locations in our city. We were
told they were for safety and the infraction didn’t
get sent on to state to go against our license.

But after a friend sent a video about the dancing
traffic light I thought this might be a better
solution to the traffic problem.

Finally, we found a video about a camper from
Practical Motorhome. Based on a VW van, and not
available here yet, this van really is a home on

And that’s what we found interesting today. Have
a good one.
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Sunday sermon

October 18, 2014

We have done some faith based jokes in the past
and thought we’d shake things up this week and do
something different.

We first watched the “One Minute Sermon” close to
four years ago and it still inspires us and makes
us laugh. It is actually just a little over a
minute and a half, but the lady says more in that
short time than some preachers say all Sunday.

If you claim you can’t make services because of
time involved, that you sleep in, or that you can’t
leave your home, worry no more. Enjoy the One
Minute Sermon.

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The letter

October 18, 2014


Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver from Kent, Ohio
posted a letter on Facebook yesterday concerning the
handling of Ebola. Here is what he said:

Dear Centers of Disease Control,

Well…I might as well join the crowd, I guess. I am
not a doctor nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express
last night. Since everyone in the government and
press is firing up all of our friends over the Ebola
cases, I thought that a small town police chief
without a medical degree would offer some leadership
to your organization. Heaven forbid someone in the
government takes a leadership role. Gasp!

By the very name of your organization, you folks
control diseases. I have to ask a question, and risk
sounding argumentative. Here it goes.

You all REALLY could not isolate and control ONE case
of Ebola? It was ONE case on U.S. soil. One!! You are
the Centers for Disease CONTROL!!! Now, local
authorities are being deluged with calls and have to
do your work. That is just fine. We are accustomed to
it. It is typical federal behavior. Pass the problem
downwards, refuse blame and take credit. I have seen
it hundreds of times in my career. No worries. I will
offer some facts for the public, as if it were my job.

Ebola is a disease named for the Ebola River in Africa.
One of the early cases was near the river. It is
transmitted through contact with the body fluids of an
infected person or animal. In an illness situation,
since there is not usually a lot of smooching going on,
we will say do not touch the regurgitation , feces or
blood of one who has the disease.

Outbreaks occur every so often and the disease has
killed a somewhere around 4,000 people since the
discovery in the mid 1970s. As a comparison, about 2,100
people have died from lightning strikes during the same
time period. People doing their own home electric work
accounted for 5,240 deaths in that period. Animals have
killed approximately 9,320 people since the mid 1970s.
So, while I have a healthy respect for death, I am more
likely to be killed by an elephant or reticulated python
than Ebola. Nevertheless, the constant barrage of Ebola
information and your inability to control ONE CASE of
this illness has everyone on edge.

Here is my plan for stopping this nonsense. Use what you

1) Stop flying people here from infected countries. It
sounds simple to me. Oh…LIberia to Dallas flight?

2) Isolate the cases you have and listen to your nurses.
They are the folks who work most closely with patients.
The doctors spend about five seconds with a patient.
They sashay in, look around and then leave. It is an
expensive runway walk, believe me. Nurses are the police
officers of the Ebola world. You all are the congressmen.

3) Stop changing the story. The American people are
suspicious by nature, because we have a 200+ year history
of the government lying and engaging in cover up. You
made that culture, so you have to live with it. Tell us
the truth and stop changing the story. The truth is the
truth. It is non-negotiable.

Carry on….Chief Oliver.
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